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Here you will find information about our geodata products.

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Geodata services

With our geodata services, you can download and view maps, photos and property information. The services (APIs) are aimed at those who want to use Lantmäteriet 's geodata in their own systems and applications. You may not use the Services to view property information or maps directly in your browser.

Geodata services.

General maps

Geographical themes

Aerial images

Altitude data

Property information

Property Price Information

Property Price Collection and Property Price Notification

Requests for changes or additions in Lantmäteriet s product range

When you yourself as a refiner in your development of new services, or via your customers (end users), If you discover a need for changes or additions to Lantmäteriet 's products, please send the request via the mailbox below.
It can be both comments on existing products as requests for the development of completely new products.

Submit your suggestions for improvement

All comments submitted via this address will receive feedback on how the question taken care of at Lantmäteriet and whether it will lead to any change in the product range or not.

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