Laser data Download, NH

Laser data Download, NH consists of a classified LiDAR point cloud with a point density of 0.5–1 points per square meter, down to 0.25 points per square meter in the bare mountain areas. Previously, the product was called Laser data NH. Scanning started in 2009 - completed in 2019. The product name in Swedish is Laserdata Nedladdning, NH.

About this product

The LiDAR points are classified into four classes, see the example picture. The points are coloured as follows:

  • Ground (orange)
  • Water (blue)
  • Bridges (yellow)
  • Unclassified (White)

All points that cannot be classified as ground, bridge or water. i.e. buildings or vegetation are coded as unclassified.

Geographical selection: Index tiles (2,5 x 2,5km), polygon, cut-out with min/max-coordinates, county, municipality, Sweden.
Delivery formats: LAZ
Coordinate systems: SWEREF 99 TM (EPSG:3006)

Maintenance and update frequency

Laser Data NH is complete and covering the entire country. The point cloud is a snapshot and there is no plan for updating of already scanned areas.

Information from completed laser scanning

Scanned areas - Shape-format (zip)

Scanned flight lines (xls) – Scanning date and strip-ID (stråk id) for the flight lines

Scanned flight lines – Positions for flight lines in the scanned areas, shape-format (zip)


For more detailed information of the content, see the product description and quality description in Swedish or English.

Demo data

Demo data in the form of a LiDAR point cloud with classified points on ground, water and bridges and all other points coded as unclassified.

Download the desired demo files directly from the product links on this page or go to bundled demo data (new window) alternatively collected demo data on the FTP site (new window).

Forest and agricultural area  Format Content
Laser data Download, NH (zip 291 MB) LAS ver. 1.2 LLiDAR point cloud, incl. meta data
Sandviken City area
Laser data Download, NH (zip 174 MB) LAS ver. 1.2 LiDAR point cloud, incl. meta data

Support information

Files Format Content Year of ortho photo
Ortofoto (zip 100 MB) Tif Ortho photo B/W over the area covered by the demo data 2008
Ortofoto färg (zip 293 MB) Tif Ortho photo RGB over the area covered by the demo data 2008
Ortofoto IR (zip 309 MB) Tif Ortho photo IR over the area covered by the demo data. 2008

Free software for handling LAS-files that can be downloaded from the Internet, for example:

More information about LiDAR scanning and the LAS-format can be found on ASPRS online (new window)

Demo data can be downloaded free of charge for test and evaluation. For any commercial use or distribution to third parties, a license agreement must be signed with Lantmäteriet.

More information about Fees, Terms and Conditions for use, etc. can be provided by our retailers or from our Geodata support.

Test data

Test data have been produced for product development purposes. The data may be used according to the license terms below.

The Licensee acquires a non-exclusive, non-transferable right, for test and evaluation, to store and process the test data.

The Licensee also acquires the right to make a limited number of analogue copies/prints containing elements of test data for external distribution, e.g. to be included in a report or presentation.

The Licensee also has the right to publish the results of the evaluation, including parts of the test data, on the Internet, provided that the published products cannot be re-distributed or further processed via the publication.

The right to use the data for test and evaluation does not include the right to make test data available for any other purposes, either within the Licensee’s own organization nor externally.

The Licensee is entitled to use the test data without charge in exchange for Lantmäteriet to be given access to and be able to present results and experiences from the Licensee's tests and evaluations on Lantmäteriet’s website.

Test data from combi sensor

During the late summer of 2021, Lantmäteriet tested a combined laser scanner and flight camera. The purpose was mainly to increase knowledge about the collection of laser data. A combination sensor of the type Leica Terrainmapper-2 was used to collect various test cases. A selection is published here as test data, laser data with four color bands as well as aerial images and orthophotos. 

Laser test 2021 (opens in new window)

Test data is also available via FTP (ftp)

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