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Lantmäteriet provides a number of map products and other geographical information such as open geodata. These products are free of charge and may be used and published freely.

The license and what it means

Our open spatial data is available under the open data license Creative Commons, CC0 (new window). The license means that you may use, distribute, redo, modify and build on Lantmäteriet's open data.

This also applies in commercial contexts without any restrictions. Feel free to list Lantmäteriet as the source when you disseminate our open data, but this is not a requirement.

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Our open data products are, during a transitional period, available in several different ways, see below. On each product page, there is information about which method applies to that product.

  • Geotorget Ordering
    Open data products are gradually added here. Read more and go to Geotorget ordering.
  • The Open data portal
    Here are the open data products that have access via the API. Go to The Open data portal (in swedish, new window)
  • FTP for open data
    Here are the open data products that are not yet available in Geotorget Ordering. Read more about how to access the FTP site below.

FTP for Open data

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To download Lantmäteriet 's open data, you need a user account. You use the account every time you download data or connect to a service. There are no fees or obligations.

The user account gives us the opportunity to follow up the use of our open geodata and to provide feedback to you in the event of any changes.

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Do this if the download does not work

New versions of browsers will gradually remove the support for FTP protocols. If downloading the file does not work, use an FTP client. Another option for downloading data from the FTP is to copy the link address and then paste it into Windows Explorer.

By right-clicking on the link, there is a choice to Copy link, Copy link address or Copy shortcut, depending on the browser. Then you can paste the link in the Explorer's address bar or another FTP client.

Other open data

Economic map

Economic map (1935-1978) is a register map that reports properties, register designations, residential buildings, plots and gardens, cultivation areas, ancient monuments and a large number of place names. The scale is 1:10 000, except over the interior of Norrland where the scale is 1:20 000.

The product is available in a nationwide warehouse. There can be two versions of the same map sheet. If both versions are scanned, they are both available as open data, except in Gothenburg and Bohus counties and Gotland counties, where only the latest version is included. To find the right map sheet, there are overview maps in PDF format, shape or the Geolex service to support.

More information about the Economic Map:

General Staff Map

General Staff Map (1827–1971) describes the natural landscape, including elevation conditions, communications, buildings and general land use, with a scale of 1: 100,000 in Södra verket and 1: 200,000 in Norra verket.

More information on the General Staff map:

Häradsekonomiska kartan

Häradsekonomiska kartan (1859-1934 ) was based on legal parcel maps and describes land use, vegetation, buildings, communications and borders. Norrbotten 's county. The scale is 1:20 000 in the southern part of the country and 1:50 000 in Norrbotten .

More information about the District Economic Map:

Open source

Client using Topographic Sitemap Display, overview for simple downloads of map images is available as open source code.

It can be used as a code example for how to use Topographic Sitemap Display, overview, as a basis for developing your own applications or submitting suggestions for changes directly in the code.

The source code is made available under the license Apache version 2.0. This basically means that it can be used in own or open applications, but that there are restrictions on using the brand.

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