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Lantmäteriet provides a number of map products and other geographical information such as open geodata. These products are free of charge and may be used and published freely.

News about open data

The EU Commission has now decided that particularly valuable data must be available as open data. Data such as maps, address data, and aerial images will become open, free of charge and may be used freely.

Lantmäteriet receives SEK 20 million extra - work towards open data can begin

The government proposes in the spring budget that Lantmäteriet receives an extra SEK 20 million in grants to begin the work of phasing out fee-based data towards open data, something that must be completed by February 2025 at the latest.

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New government decision regarding open data

The government has made a decision which means that Lantmäteriet will have additional time to carry out the transition to open data. Lantmäteriets open data must now be available by February 2025 at the latest.

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New decision from the EU Commission

A decision has been made to make an addition to the Open Data Directive. This means that various data sets that are particularly valuable to society must be offered free of charge. The EU Commission's decision is valid from 2023-02-09.

The following data will become open data in the future: address- and building data, information about property boundaries, elevation data, hydrography, maps and aerial photos, so called orthophotos.

This will happen

In order to implement the decision on open data, Lantmäteriet is dependent on funding and the Government making a decision on increased allocations to Lantmäteriet. This has not yet happened.

EU member states usually have 16 months to implement the decision. More information will come when the Government has made a decision. However, the government has decided that the Lantmäteriet may continue to charge fees for its availability of geodata, however until 9 February 2025 at the latest. See government decision Fi2023/00998 (new window, in Swedish).

The license and what it means

Our open spatial data is available under the open data license Creative Commons, CC0 (new window). The license means that you may use, distribute, redo, modify and build on Lantmäteriet's open data.

This also applies in commercial contexts without any restrictions. Feel free to list Lantmäteriet as the source when you disseminate our open data, but this is not a requirement.

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