Handbook of measurement and map

Handbook of measurement and map issues (HMK) is a collection of manuals with guidelines for professional geodata collection, geodetic surveying and cartography. The HMK series also includes four common reference documents to facilitate the use of the thematic manuals.

Common reference documents

HMK handbooks

HMK handbooks (english)

Short versions in English of the handbooks Aerial photography, Airborne laser scanning and Mobile laser scanning.

Old HMK series

Some of the handbooks in the old HMK series, Handbook for the measurement announcement, from the 90s, are still used today. One reason for this is that the new Handbook in measurement and map issues lacks updated guidelines in some of these areas, e.g. trunk point marking.

Therefore, there is a topical description at the beginning of the nine handbooks. the description shows which parts of the content were judged to be valid, changed, passed, etc. at the specified date. It should be noted here that even the descriptions of timeliness can be old.

Older versions of HMK documents

Here are older versions, earlier versions of current versions above.

Image data

Vehicle-borne laser data collection

Photogrammetric detail measurement

Geodata quality

Geodetic infrastructure

GNSS-based detail measurement

Base map

Elevation data


Requirements for geodetic measurement

Laser data

Glossary and abbreviations


Reference system and geodetic measurements

Frame measurement

Terrester detailed measurement

Terrester laser scanning

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