About the handbooks

HMK is a collection of manuals with guidelines for professional geodata collection, geodetic surveying and cartography.

The purpose of HMK

The handbooks are produced by Lantmäteriet in collaboration with industry stakeholders in private, state and municipal activities. The handbooks contain guidelines for those who need professional support in geodata collection, geodetic surveying and cartography. The purpose of HMK is to contribute to increased coordination, uniformity and quality in the field of geodata and community surveying. HMK is especially aimed at those who need support in your professional everyday life, for example if you work with requirements, with quality assurance of work processes or with skills development. All handbooks are available in pdf format and can be printed and distributed to non- commercial use. This also applies to the older versions of the handbooks, from 2013 onwards.

Requirements and recommendations

The thematic manuals contain text boxes with the headings "Requirements" and "Recommendations". How these are to be applied is described in the respective handbook. In the event of changes in the manuals that include requirements and recommendations, new versions are always published, with a unique year. If minor adjustments are made in the latest version, this is reported in the document or för earlier documents in the so-called HMK log (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

HMK Reference group and focus groups

The reference group is a form of collaboration where the participants meet (often digitally) to discuss industry-wide issues and challenges, and jointly point out the compass direction for HMK. For example you have the opportunity to respond to user surveys, as well as like new manuals, web courses, etc. at an early stage.

In addition to the reference group, it is also possible to participate in special focus groups. The focus groups enable in-depth study of a specific topic or issue that is a special priority in the HMK work.

In the HMK calendar, you can see which reference and focus group meetings are planned.

Who can participate in the reference group of HMK?

Anyone interested in the HMK area is welcome to be part of the reference group. You participate with the level of ambition you think is appropriate - from only taking part in e-mails to actively participating in revision work, referrals, etc. It is up to you how much you want to influence HMK!

At present the reference group has about 1-2 meetings per year. In addition to this, meetings take place in the various focus groups, as well as information is sent out when needed.

Which focus groups are there?

During 2021-2023, HMK has focus groups on the following themes:

  • Municipal technology in the MBK area
  • Geodesy applications
  • Requirements & procurement
  • Geodata quality

Contact hmk@lm.se for registration of interest. Remember to specify which focus group(s) you want to participate in.

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