Geodata products

Here you will find information about our geodata products in maps and geographical information as well as real estate information.

Product list

Here you will find geodata products within maps and geographic information as well as property information.

Description of the products

Geodata products require you to have an application or software that can handle them.

The viewing products can be combined with our other spatial data products, such as the instant access products. With that combination, you can search for addresses, place names and properties and view the information on the map.

Instant access products are of the 'query-answer' type where your system sends a service call with search terms or selection parameters and receives a standardized response with information and geographic object types.

The download products give you the opportunity to download geographical data in a system or application via a standardized interface.

Open data products are free of charge and may be used and published freely.

Products that comply with the EU directive Inspire.

Ordering our geodata products

Read more about how to order our geodata products on the respective product page.


Geotorget will make it possible to find information about and access geodata from Lantmäteriet in one place:

Geotorget is under development and products and functions are added gradually.

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