Geodata products

Here you will find information about our geodata products in real property information as well as maps and geographical information.

Product list

You can find all geodata products in the product list and you can filter by different categories. The categories are, among other things, based on the type of products, information content or special conditions.

Product list for geodata products

Description of product types

There are three product types for Lantmäteriet's geodata products: direct access, download and view service. The product types work in different ways.

Direct access

The direct access products provide access to updated information in real time via calls directly to the Lantmäteriet. They have a programming interface (API) and require a system that is adapted to the API. The products cannot be used directly in a browser.

The products have two types of queries: find and retrieve.

  • Find - You ask with different search criteria such as geometry or free text. In response, you receive references to the objects affected by the search criteria. You can then use references (object identities) to retrieve information about the object.
  • Retreve - You ask with object identity. In response, you will receive information about items within the selection you have requested. In some cases, references to other objects are also included in the response.


The Download Products provide access to information that you order, download and store with you. How you order and download the information differs between different download products.

View service

The view service products provide access to information in the form of maps and images. You can view the content but not process or change it. They have a programming interface (API) and require a system that is adapted to the API. The products cannot be used directly in a browser.

You can combine the view service products with, for example, direct access products. In this way, for example, you can search for addresses, place names and real properties and then display the information on the map.

Description of information content

Lantmäteriet's geodata products are, among other things, divided based on information content into the main categories: Real property information  and geographical information.

Real property information

Products in real property information mostly contains information from the text part of the Real property information Register but also from the Joint Property Association Register and the Dwelling Units Register. Real property information is available as direct access products and download products.

Read more about the product division in Dokumentation geodataprodukter (in Swedish, new window)

Geographical information

Products within geographic information include: cartographic information, images, elevation data, hydrographic information and geodetic information. All three product types are available for products within geographic information.

Other categories

The products are also divided based on other categories such as various special conditions and EU directives. You can find all categories in the product list.

Open data

Some of Lantmäteriet's products are open data and for these products Creative Commons - Acknowledgment (CC0) is applied. This means that the products are free of charge and you may use and publish the information freely.


Inspire stands for Infrastructure for Spatial Information and is an EU directive for geospatial data in Europe. Lantmäteriet provides some products that meet the requirements of the EU directive.

Order our geodata products

Read more about how to order our geodata products on the respective product page.


Geotorget makes it easier to find information about and get access to geodata from Lantmäteriet and the National Geodata Platform (new window). Geotorget consists of several different parts.

Read more about Geotorget

Order from resellers

If you need help with ordering our geodata products or get a customized solution for your business, you can contact one of our geodata resellers (in Swedish).

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