Product development

Within Lantmäteriet there is continuous work to improve our products, but also to offer new and improved ways to consume the information.

Summary of work in progress

  • Real Property Notification and Real Property download via ÖFF will be discontinued in 2025.
  • Adaptation till The Swedish Tax Agency's new model for assessmentinformation which will be provided in:
    • A new version of Assessment Direct (3.0)
    • A new product: Assessment Download

Open data

Work is ongoing with adaptations of high value data sets to Open data. Read more about Open data.

Planned commissioning and upcoming dismanteling 

Planned commissioning
Date Geodata product
April 9 2024

Assessment Direct v. 3.0

Replaces Assessment Direct v.2.0, which will be phased out in March 2025.

Preliminary september – october 2024

Real Property Price Notification and Real Property Price Download

Adjustments to Skatteverkets new provision.

Preliminary Q4 2024 Assessment Download
Upcoming dismanteling
Date Geodata product
Mars 2025 Assessment Direct v.2.0

More information about existing products

About the products on the respective product page.

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