Reinforcement resource Geocell

Reinforcement resource Geocell is based on Lantmäteriet and can, in the event of extensive crises, produce adapted maps in the field when the resources of municipalities and regions are insufficient.

Effort-specific support within 48 hours

Reinforcement resource Geocell is a function that on site at a crisis response / management site can provide response-specific support with geographical information and map products to managers, staff functions, field staff, media and under certain conditions also to technical systems.

Reinforcement resource Geocell can be on site in a crisis operation within 48 hours.

Support in addition to supply with map products

In addition to supply with map products, the support can also include updating of effort-specific geographical information, support for an overall location picture, geographical analyzes of, for example, the terrain, simpler field collection and advice in the geographical area.

Large volumes of paper maps and digital map products

Reinforcement resource Geocell brings equipment to print large volumes of paper maps. Partly in large format (for size A0 approx. 20 pcs/hour) and paper maps in smaller format (for size A4/A3 approx. 1000 pcs/hour).

Digital map products can be distributed via email, Internet and portable storage media (portable hard drive, USB memory and CD/DVD).

Staffing around the clock

Reinforcement resource Geocell is designed with 4 employees to be able to be staffed around the clock in special circumstances .

Prerequisites for receiving support

Actor who wants support from the Reinforcement Resource Geocell from Lantmäteriet needs to provide the following conditions:

  • Indoor room with heating and ventilation. The space the Geocell needs to dispose of is at least 20m 2 . The room must be accessible from the ground floor or via a lift that needs to be at least 80cm wide and 180cm long.
  • Access to electricity for a small IT network of about 4 desktops with associated monitors and peripherals.
  • Access to desk and chairs. The geocell needs at least 4 chairs and at least 4 normal-sized desks.
  • Passable road to premises for unloading equipment and materials.
  • Access to drinking water and hygiene areas and after a maximum of 2 days also access to food .
  • Access to space for rest. The minimum requirement is a dormitory. Reinforcement resource Geocell includes tent beds, sleeping pads and sleeping bags.

One of several resources for collaboration and management

Reinforcement resource Geocell is based on Lantmäteriet and is one of several of society's strengthening resources for collaboration and management.

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Reinforcement resource Geocell is requested via MSB's official on standby, TiB.

Telephone 054-150 150.

If you have questions about Reinforcement resource Geocell, please contact us at Lantmäteriet .

Phone 0771-63 63 63.

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