Land Regulation Download, vector

The vector product contains plans and regulations as well as ancient and cultural historical monuments and remains. The product name in Swedish is Markreglerande bestämmelse Nedladdning, vektor.

About this product

The product contains plans and regulations on land use from the Register Map and information text. In addition, the product contains ancient monuments and other cultural-historical remains from the National Heritage Board as well as texts for monuments and remains.

Land regulation Download, vector can be combined with other vector products, such as Topography 10 Download, vector and Cadastral Parcels Download, vector. The vector format allows you to customize the map to your own business.

You can:

  • add and link your own information to objects in the map
  • integrate the map information into your own system
  • combine with information from the Real Property Register, for example more information about plan regulations.
  • connect to RAÄ's Fornsök for the monuments and remains information
  • show or hide information using the layering

Maintenance and update frequency

A state or municipal land surveying authority must register all legally binding regulations. The goal is for the information in the property register to be up-to-date and complete.

A few weeks after a provision has gained legal force, it should be entered in the property register. In reality, however, there are some shortcomings, which is good to know when you are looking for information. New and altered ancient remains are retrieved from the Cultural Environment Register and registered in the property register once a month.

When the property register is updated, the changes take effect immediately in the product.

In progress for the moment

Text strings in the text layer for regulations will be gradually deleted in the basic data.
We will no longer provide this information in the product.
The text used in the text layer is found as information for each object in the delivery.

Pre-produced data

Some deliveries of geodata are done from a pre-produced layer that is updated once a week. This applies to deliveries of county, municipal and national selections. When county and national selections are delivered in the coordinate system SWEREF 99 TM or when the municipal selections are delivered in local SWEREF systems, the data is collected from the pre-produced layer. All other deliveries are done from data sources updated once a day.

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For a deeper description of the content, see the product description in Swedish (pdf, new window).

For Lantmäteriet´s proposed layout the following files can be used:

The information layers contain areas for plans and regulations. Lines for regulation boundaries and line objects for regulations. Point objects for the surfaces' ID points and point reprecented regulations as well as information text. Remains and monuments are reported with area, line and point as well as text point for name or information text for the remains.

Demo data

To be able to test the data you must have access to an appropriate application, for example ArcGIS or QGIS.

On the page Demo data there are two areas. One city area in Gothenburg, called Majorna and one forest environment area alongside a stream called Emån.

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Copyright and publication

In some cases you need permit to distribute geographic information. Read more on the page Copyright and publication of Lantmäteriet's geographical information.

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