Terrain Model Download, grid 50+

Terrain Model Download, grid 50+ is a terrain model containing points with coordinates and height values in a regular grid with 50 meter spacing. Previously, the product was called Elevation data, grid 50+. The product name in Swedish is Markhöjdmodell Nedladdning, grid 50+.

About this product

Terrain Model Download, grid 50+ is available in two different variants. One based on the National Elevation model and one based on data from the 1980s produced by photogrammetric measuring of profiles and digitalization of old maps.

To differentiate the two variants of Elevation data, grid 50+, the one based on the National Elevation model has the prefix nh and the one based on old data has the prefix hdb.

Examples of applications

  • generation of height contours and for development of digital terrain models that depict the landscape in three dimensions.
  • calculations and analyses for creation of altitude- and terrain shading in maps
  • gravity determinations
  • geometric correction of satellite images

The product also provides valuable information for route planning. By adding elevation data to, for example, the information contained in the product Topography 100 Download, vector, one can calculate a more suitable route. 

Geographical selection: Index tiles ( 100 x 100 km), county, Sweden.
Delivery formats: LZW-compressed GeoTIFF, ASCII-table
Coordinate systems: SWEREF 99 

Maintenance and update frequency

Grid 50+ (nh) is updated once per year. Grid 50+ (hdb) is not updated.

Fact sheets and reports

It is free to disseminate the information below to organizations and / or individuals who may have an interest in altitude data.

Fact sheets:

Reports from Lantmäteriet:

External reports:

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