How to find and retrieve laser data

At the collection point, you will find the product under the folder Laser Data Forest. Under each annual folder are folders with the scan areas that are available for download. The scan areas are divided into index boxes of 2.5 x 2.5 km, which also corresponds to the files found under the respective scan area folder.

To find and download individual index boxes, you need to know the collection year for the scan, the designation of the scan area to which the index box belongs and the index box designation.

Find the collection year and designation for a scan area

The collection year and the designation of the scan area can be found by going to Plans and outcomes on the product page and open the PDF document called production status. In the pdf you hold the mouse over the area to see the area designation, eg 18F014 where the first digit in the designation corresponds to the year of collection, in this case 20 18.

Find the designation of the index box

To find an index box you can use the service GeoLex, which you can find via this link and do as below:

  1. Click on the green box" Index "at the top left margin.
  2. Click on the "Map Selector" icon, which is located in the middle between the left and right margins (If you place the cursor over the icon, the text Map Selector will also appear).
  3. In the dialog that then appears, click on it small arrow in front of Index Boxes, SWEREF 99 TM.
  4. Then check the box "Index Boxes 2.5 km", then click on the small cross at the top of the dialog box, so that the dialog box disappears.
  5. Move and zoom in the map to the area you want to download laser data so that you see the index box designation, eg 699_65_7500.

Download index box 

To download files from the download location, go to the folder for collection year (according to the example 2018) and then the folder with the current scan area (according to the example 18F014).

To get here take the correct file, the index box designation needs to be translated to the corresponding file name according to the pattern below.
Index box 699_65_7500 has the file name 69975_6500_25.laz where you download.

To translate the index box designation to a file name, enter the first three digits of the index box designation (according to Example 699) and add the first two digits of the last combination (according to example 75) so it becomes 69975_. Then you take the middle digits in the index box designation (according to the example 65) and add the last two digits in the index box designation (according to the example 00) so it becomes 69975_6500_.
The last two digits of the file name 25.laz indicate that it is a 2.5 x 2.5 km box and that the file type is laz.

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