E-services for private individuals

Do you need detailed information about your property or know who owns a property? Or do you want to apply for a land surveyor or deed? See the range of e-services in real estate and land. If you are looking for current or historical maps, you will find all our map services here.

My pages

Here you can see an overview of your properties, access more detailed information about them or go directly to our e-services to make an application or sign and complete ongoing cases. My pages is only in Swedish.

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Real estate and land

Who owns the property

I With the Who owns the property e-service, you can use a property designation to get information about who is the legal owner or land right holder of a property.

You need to log in with e-identification and the e-service has a limit on the number of searches.

Read more about the Who owns the property e-service.

Order extracts from the property register

In the e-service you can order extracts from the property register. In the register extract shows, among other things, who is the legal owner of the property, mortgages and assessment information as well as information about community facilities and communities that are connected to the property.

Order extracts from the property register and read more.

Detailed information about your property

This service gives you, as a private person, detailed information about your own property.

Examples of content:

  • Registered ownership
  • Map
  • Property law measures with associated dossier
  • Joint facilities and joint property units connected to the property
  • Tax information
  • Mortgages
  • Land regulations
  • Rights

Read more about the service My property.

Divide, merge or change properties/plots through a land surveying procedure or follow an ongoing case

In the e-service, you can:

  • Apply for a land surveying procedure
  • Explain and illustrate your desired change regarding subdivision, splitting, amalgamation or real estate regulation
  • Get help filling in the information we need from you
  • Sign, complete, confirm service and follow ongoing land surveying procedures

Read more about the application via the e-service, and how you can apply in other ways.

Apply for title, land title, mortgage or supplement a previously submitted application

In the service, you can apply for legal title, land title or mortgage when you have bought, received, inherited or shared a property. You can also supplement a previously submitted application.

Read more about how to apply for deed of title or about how to apply for a mortgage.

Change information in the Community Association Register SFR

In the e-service you can apply about changing:

  • the association's postal address and contact information
  • information about the composition of the board
  • information about signatories.

Read more about information in the SFR.

Order extracts from the mortgage deed register

Fill in property designation and social security number on a legal owner/land right holder of the property. The extract is sent by post to the legal owner/land right holder's civil registry address, alternatively to a digital mailbox if he is connected to such a service.

Read more and order extracts from the mortgage register.

Maps, aerial photos and locations

Use a map or find a place, property or address. aerial images

Then Min karta, which is our map service, is suitable. In the service you can:

  • Find places, properties and addresses
  • Show property boundaries
  • Draw and measure on the map
  • See elevation information
  • Print at any scale
  • Share the map with friends

Read more about the My map service.

View our collection of historical maps

In Historical Maps you can search and open any of the maps collected here. Our digital archive contains more than a million historical maps, dating back as far as 1628. The maps are free to view, save and print. If you want to order a high-resolution map, you can do so directly in the e-service.

Read more about historical maps.

There are no older aerial photos here. For older aerial photos, go to the My Map service.

Print a map at a scale of 1:10,000 or 1:50,000

The printout is adapted to the scales of 1:10,000 or 1:50,000 and provides a detailed (or adapted for printing) map of the area you choose.

  • Select the area yourself in the map
  • Map book format in A4 or A3/A2 as individual pages
  • Downloads a finished PDF for printing

Read more about the Map Printing service.

If you instead want to use the map directly on the web or choose the scale completely freely and get a simpler map, then My map for you.

Search by place name

Search our place name register to find places in Sweden and see their positions marked on our map. You can search with free text but also have the option of limiting your search within a certain county or municipality. You can also choose to include only specific kinds of place names, such as urban areas, waterways, or lakes.

Read more about the Search place name service.

Improve the map

We would like you to helps us improve the content of our maps, get in touch by describing the error in the map and text with our service Improve the map.

Read more about the Improve the map service.

Information about aerial photos and orthophotos

In GeoLex you can search for information on aerial images and orthophotos. Also index boxes and sheet divisions can be displayed either in the SWEREF 99 TM coordinate system or in RT90. No login required.

Support for how to use Geolex.

Other information, such as plans and outcomes, is presented at the product pages.

Detailed development plans

In the e-service, you can open detailed information about the detailed development plans uploaded on the National Geodata Platform (NGP), by clicking on them in the map. It is also possible to switch to a view with all plans, new and old, from the real property register.

Read more about the service Detailed development plans.

Distribution permission

To prevent you from accidentally distributing material such as images or films with sensitive information, you need to apply for distribution permission.

Read more about distribution permit (new window).

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