Dissemination Permit

Before you distribute photographs, videos or other material that depicts Sweden's land areas from the air, you must apply for a Dissemination Permit from Lantmäteriet. The purpose is to protect information that is important for the total defence of Sweden.

If you have photographed or filmed from aircraft such as drones, planes, helicopters or hot air balloons and want to share, publish or sell your photos, you must apply for a dissemination permit. The permit requirement applies to photographs and similar registration of data. These may include aerial photos, videos, laser data, altitude data etc.

If your material contains images of the sea (maritime geographical information) you may need to apply for a Dissemination Permit from the Swedish Maritime Administration as well.

Applying for a dissemination permit is free of charge.

What to do

Fill in the application form and submit it to Lantmäteriet. Once your application is registered, you will receive confirmation via e-mail. This confirmation contains a link to our file transfer service if you have selected file transfer as an option for how to submit your material. If you have selected ordinary post, you will receive the address where you can send the material with traceable shipping. For security reasons, material is only accepted via Lantmäteriet´s file transfer service or on external media. Once a decision has been made, you will be notified by e-mail with the decision attached.

Application for a dissemination permit

Laws and regulations

It might be a criminal offence to distribute photographs and films taken from the air without permission. According to the Act on the Protection of Geographical Information, it is forbidden to disseminate a compilation of geographical information without a dissemination permit.

Here are links to relevant legislation, ordinances and regulations that deal with the dissemination of images taken from the air.

Act on the protection of geographical information at The Swedish Parliament website, SFS 2016: 319 (in Swedish, new window)

Ordinance on the protection of geographical information at The Swedish Parliament website, SFS 2016:320 (in Swedish, new window)

Public Order Act, SFS 1993:1617 at The Swedish Parliament website (in Swedish, new window)

Swedish Maritime Administration information on dissemination permits for sea, or maritime geographical areas (in Swedish, new window)

Swedish Transport Agency drone regulations (in Swedish, new window)