Before flying

Dissemination permits are intended to prevent the spread of material that could cause harm to the country’s total defence. It is therefore important to check in advance that there are no signs stating photography bans where you are going to fly.

Check the area

Before flying, think about what you really need to depict. For example, if you are going to photograph your residential or holiday home, you can make use of the exceptions, provided that only the house and plot are visible. In that case you do not need to apply for a dissemination permit.

Exeptions from dissemination permits

Save geographical information

The more accurately you can determine the location of your material, the more rapidly your application can be processed. Many drones and digital cameras can save GPS positioning in their image files (exif data/metadata).  Feel free to keep that information if you edit or adjust the material.

  • Drones often save their flight routes in a special log file, for example in the application used in flight. If you have access to the log file, submit it in together with your material.
  • Take a photograph at each location where you film. Attach the image together with the film to the application and refer to the GPS information.

You may need permission from other authorities

Lantmäteriet handles dissemination permits for photographs, films and the like that are taken over land areas. The Swedish Maritime Administration issues dissemination permits for images depicting the sea.

The regulations governing how you may fly with aircraft can be found at the Swedish Transport Agency. Information on where you can fly without disturbing regular air traffic is available on the Swedish Civil Aviation Administration website.

The Swedish Maritime Administration information on dissemination permits for seas, or maritime geographical areas (new window)

The Swedish Transport Agency regulations for drone flying (in Swedish, new window)

The Swedish Civil Aviation Administration interactive map of where to fly without disrupting regular air traffic (in Swedish, new window)