Prepare your material

The most important aspect of our review is that we are able to connect your photographs and videos to a location. Consequently, be sure to sort the material by location of where it was depicted. If you have files from different locations, it is a good idea to sort the files into folders named by location.

High resolution material

Send the original files or images in JPG format with the highest resolution of what you wish to distribute. If you send low-resolution photos or films, we will not be able to see important details that could affect the decision.  Only the material submitted can be licensed for dissemination.

Compress your files

Lantmäteriet´s file transfer service works best if the files are at most 5 GB/each and maximum total upload is 50 GB. If the amount of data is very large, the material may instead be placed on an external storage medium and sent in by traceable shipping.

If it´s LiDAR-data

If there are large amounts of image material

If you use the file transfer service and have large files, it may be necessary to split or compress your material in order to upload it. You can do this using, for example, 7-zip for Windows or Keka for MacOS. There is also other software available.


Zip files with 7-zip (pdf, new window)

Compress files with Keka (pdf, new window)