My map

In My Map you can view detailed maps and aerial photos across the country and search for places, addresses and properties.

You can do this in My Map

You can save or print a PDF on any scale of the area you want and use it as an outdoor map. You can choose to share the map with friends or measure a distance and then view an elevation profile on the distance.

The property boundaries of the map are not exact

Please note that the property boundaries in My Map are not legally valid. This means that you should not start from the boundaries of the map if you want to build, fell forest or take other measures on a property.

When applying for a building permit, you should first contact your municipality to find out what map documentation is required for your case.

Read more about the boundaries of the map.

Skärmbild från e-tjänsten Min karta.
Skärmbildsexempel från e-tjänsten Min karta. Klicka på bilden för större version.

Help and tips for the My Map service

For maps on paper from Lantmäteriet , we refer to the Map Printing service where you can save or write yourself print a map / map book on a pre-selected scale in 1:10 000 and 1:50 000. The service has the same map information as previously found in the Property Map, Terrain Map and Mountain Map.

My map as an app

We want Lantmäteriet 's maps to be accessible and easy to download to your smartphone. My Map apps gives you current maps and aerial photos to always have a content-rich map available with basic tools for using the map.

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