Map printing

In the Map Print e-service, you can create and print your own map at a scale of 1:10 000 or 1:50 000.

The map is adapted for printing in different paper formats and at a scale of 1:10 000, property division and / or street names can be added. The color and rasterization can be displayed differently in different pdf readers.

Screenshot from the e-service
Screenshot from the e-service showing map sections with page divisions.

How to create your own map

Here's how:

  1. Open the e-service
  2. Select the desired area by zooming and panning in the map.
    Use the + and - buttons in the upper left corner.
  3. Select "Change" to change the scale 1:10 000/1: 50 000 or print format e.g. map book 12 pages A4 (4 * 3) or single-sided A2, A3 portrait / landscape. This is what the "Change" selection icon looks like: andra.jpg
  4. Select" Create Map ". This is what the" Create Map "selection icon looks like:  create_map.jpg
  5. Customize your map print by selecting the information you want with, for example, north arrow and scale.
  6. Your map is created as a pdf file.
  7. Print or save the digital pdf map. .

Terms of use 

The terms of use differ depending on whether it is a map 1:10 000 or 1:50 000.

For map 1:10 000 you get:

  • Publish maps / images as illustration in analog form e.g. in reports, books or the like can be done free of charge.
  • Publishing maps / images in digital form (only raster breaks) requires that your own information is displayed on top and that that information is the primary one. Can be done free of charge.


  • Publication of maps / images in digital form, without own information, requires a license for each product, unless they are available as open data.
  • Publication in digital form is not permitted in any type of commercial context, e.g. where published images are available for a fee or on websites / e-services / apps that are financed by advertising, advertisements or the like.

For map 1:50 000, other conditions apply. In that case, the map is free to use, distribute, redesign, modify and build on, even in commercial contexts without any restrictions, according to the terms of the Creative Commons CC0 (new window). On the other hand, we encourage users to state that it is Lantmäteriet that is the author, when they use, process or distribute their work.

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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