Problems with GPS driving directions

Lantmäteriet produces maps but no driving directions. Did you find an error in your navigator, or do you think you found an error in the map?

If you experience that, for example, delivery vans or taxis cannot find your address, it is usually due to errors in the directions and not to errors in our maps. You then need to contact the company that manufactured the navigation system.

How to correct the errors in the navigator

Error reports are preferably made online on the respective manufacturer's website.

Garmin and TomTom are the two largest manufacturers of navigators, but there are others as well. Below are links to some of those on the market. There are also other websites and apps besides these.


Leave feedback and report bugs on the HERE website (new window)

Corrects Garmin and Nokia maps and directions.

Leave feedback and report bugs on the HERE Map Creator website (new window)

Corrects Garmin and Nokia maps and directions. Have more possibilities for leaving updating and feedback.


Leave feedback and report bugs on the TomTom website (new window)

Corrects material for, among others TomTom and Apple (reports can also be made in Apple's "Maps" app)

Google Maps

Leave feedback and report bugs on the Google Maps website (new window)

Correct maps and direction in Google Maps

Which roads are shown in the maps from Lantmäteriet?

Lantmäteriets reports all roads that are longer than 50 meters.

Individual car roads of the type "worse car road" and "car road" are added by Lantmäteriet. It is done by interpreting the changes Lantmäteriet see in true-to-scale aerial photos, so-called orthophotos, at a scale of 1:2500.

Roads from the municipality and Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration) are defined as public roads, and they are collected in NVDB, Trafikverkets database. Lantmäteriet receives monthly updates of roads from the NVDB.

Updating of Lantmäteriet's maps

If a road or other geometry should be added or changed in the maps of Lantmäteriet, it can be reported in the map service Improve the Map (in Swedish, new window).

NOTE - Changes in the maps of Lantmäteriet do not affect your navigator.

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