My Property

With the e-service My Property you can find detailed information about your own property, site leaseholds, joint facilities, and joint property units.

What Can I Use the Service For?

In the e-service you who have an e-legitimation can access detailed information about your property for free, for example property map (if there is one scanned), area, boundaries, and tax assessment value.

You can also see if there are any regulations on how you can use the land or if there are easements or other rights affecting the real property. Read more about easement and the different types of easements.

More about the information that can be seen in the service.

Currently not all deeds concerning , mortgage or other inquiries can be seen in the e-service. Contact customer support if you need help to see or find other registration deeds.

What are the Requirements to Use the Service?

If you have protected identity

Protected individuals cannot view their property holdings in My Property. These individuals are excluded from the service that My Property uses to identify the properties owned by a person, based on their personal identification number. Therefore, these matters need to be addressed via phone.

If you have a protected identity and need assistance with ownership certificates or extracts from the property register for your property, contact our customer center.

What Happens if a Property Ends up in the Wrong Hands?

Are you wondering what happens if a property ends up in the wrong hands? Read about title deed hijacking and what we do to prevent it from happening. 

If you can't see any property information

If you own a property but no property information is displayed, it is likely because there is missing information about your personal identification number (as it is not a mandatory field when applying for registration of title deeds) in the registration part of the property register.

Complete the information in the property register

To complete the information in the property register, do as follows:

  1. Order proof of identity with name and personal/coordination number from the Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).
  2. Send the proof of identity along with information about the relevant property/land lease to Lantmäteriet, Fastighetsinskrivning, 761 80 Norrtälje.

Contents of this page may be automatically translated, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the translation. Feel free to contact our customer support centre if you have any questions.

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