Law enforcement

Law enforcement is about law enforcement that ends up in the wrong hands.

The hijacking is criminal and means that someone, with the help of a forged document, seeks and is granted legal title to a property that he does not own. Here you can read more about law enforcement creations and what we do to prevent them.

Questions and answers

The purpose of the hijacking is not to resell the property. Instead, it is probably about using the hijacked registration of ownership as security for a loan and thus getting cash.

We understand the concerns that property owners may feel when they read about the attempts at law enforcement creations. We are constantly working to improve the routines so that everyone involved will feel safe and that everything goes right when applying for legal registration.

We take seriously the cases that are judged as attempts to create law enforcement. Special routines are applied when allegations of legal creation are received in ongoing cases or when the National Land Survey draws attention for other reasons that an acquisition may be invalid. These routines mean, among other things, that a thorough control of the conditions is performed in the individual case.

In case of doubt, a personal contact is made with the owner of the property to find out if it is really a question of a valid transfer. The case is not taken forward until the conditions have been clarified and in cases where continued shortcomings are seen, no new title deed or registration of a new plot of land holding is granted.

Depending on the circumstances of the individual case, we decide on rejection, rejection or continued adjournment of the investigation pending the issue being resolved in court.

Since 2016, Lantmäteriet has been connected to the My Messages service, where you can receive mail from authorities and municipalities digitally instead of on paper. The mail is collected in a secure digital mailbox and you can open and read it easily with the help of your e-identification.

There you can get information digitally from Lantmäteriet about certain enrollment matters. This applies, among other things, to E-notices that are sent out already when a case of a change of ownership is registered (assigned case number). This E-message is sent to the lawful owners and plot right holders who are connected to My messages.

That we call it an E-message is because it is a message that is only sent electronically. An e-mail is also sent to lawful owners and plot right holders who are connected to My messages when an application for a new mortgage is registered.

In 2010, a routine was introduced which means that a notice is sent to the previously legally qualified owner and the plot right holder when an application for legal registration or registration of a plot right is granted or declared dormant.

This routine is applied in cases where the legal application comes in from a private submitter. The purpose of the notification is for the legally qualified owner / plot right holder to be informed of the decision and given an opportunity to react and submit an appeal if it is a question of a legal creation.

Should a hijacking be presumed to be completed, the rightful owner will recover the title deed by appealing the decision on the title deed or by bringing an action in court. In addition, the state has taken on an extensive responsibility to compensate a property owner whose property is hijacked.

Team speed creations are unusual, historically it has been about five attempts per year.

Lantmäteriet is the authority that receives applications for legal deeds, decides on them and registers them in the official property register. A legal registration is completed only when Lantmäteriet grants the application and the new legal registration is registered in the property register.

If you want to know the current status of your property, you who have e-identification can use our self-service service My property. There you will find, among other things, information about the legal owner, how to acquire the property, mortgages, rights and whether an application for registration has been recorded by Lantmäteriet.

If you do not have e-identification, you are welcome to contact our Customer Center to get information about your property.

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