Uncertainty about property

Are there any ambiguities regarding boundaries, owners or rights? We can help solve various questions regarding real estate.

If the boundaries are unclear

What is a boundary eviction?

If the boundaries of the land are unclear, a boundary eviction can be made to clarify the conditions. However, any new, legally binding, border markings are not made in the event of a border expulsion.

From January 1, 2017, the Lantmäteriet does not carry out tasks as border expulsions for private individuals, companies and associations (decision 2016/1895). Lantmäteriet refers here to external actors on the open market. Read more about what a border expulsion means.

What is a border marking?

We can help you mark out missing border markings or supplement with markings on the ground on new ones places along the border. Then we make a special border marking. The marking becomes legally binding for the future. This is how a special border marking is done.

If you are unsure about borders, easement or ownership conditions

We will help you sort out the border or easement

Are you unsure of where a border goes, where an easement exists or what it actually applies to? Then we can help you by making a property determination. Get more information about property determination.

We help you find out who is the owner

If the ownership conditions are notclear can we do an ownership investigation.

Read more about what an ownership investigation entails.

It also happens that properties are divided independently through so-called private land division (separation). Condominium division made before July 1, 1962, land transfers made before in 1969 as well as co-ownership exchanges and share transfers made before 1972 can be given legal effect through legalization.

Here you can find detailed information about your property, and clear up any ambiguities.

What is a property investigation?

Municipalities and authorities can, for a fee, order investigations regarding properties, communities, rights, water and fishing etc. We call this type of investigation a property investigation.

The investigation supplements the information in the property register and the register map, as these are not complete in all parts. To produce complete property listings and base maps to detailed plans, property investigation is often an important/necessary step. Read more about property investigation and what is included.

Read more about property boundaries

You can find more information about property boundaries on the Find boundaries page.

Information videos

Are you a builder or do you work within planning and building legislation? Do you want to avoid unnecessary delays and price increases due to uncertainties surrounding real estate? In the information videos you will learn more about what you can do to do the right thing.

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