Special boundary marking

Do you need to get existing, legally unambiguous, boundaries reconstructed and marked? Then we can implement a special boundary marking.

We help you get the boundaries right

Landmarks can be disturbed or destroyed in connection with exploitation and earthworks. New boundary markers may also be needed if there is a long distance between the markings or if for some other reason there is poor visibility between existing markers.

We will help you. We restore missing markings, mark previously unmarked border points and, if necessary, put out markings in new places along the border.

There must be no legal doubts

A prerequisite for special border marking is that there are no legal doubts about the location of the border. Boundary marks issued at a special boundary marking are documented on the administrative map and a boundary marking decision is made. The award will be legally binding for the future.

The property owner must apply

As a private person, only you as the legal property owner are authorized to apply for the measure. The costs of the special boundary marking shall be borne by the applicant.

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Price examples

Example 1

Laila and Senad have recently inherited property from their parents. They both want to build on their properties, but when they walk across the plots together, they discover that two boundary markings between the properties seem to be missing. To be sure that the houses they want to build end up on the right property, they apply together for a special boundary marking.

The surveyor Lennart states that the plots were cut off in the early 1980s and that there are coordinates for everyone border points. Lennart assesses that the case can be carried out as a special boundary marking and leaves the job to the measurement engineer Maria. She meets Laila and Senad on the spot, measures in the existing six boundary points and, based on these, outlines the two missing points. The points are marked and control measured. Lennart continues the processing, makes a decision and leaves the case for invoicing.

The case will be partially invoiced and an estimated cost is approximately SEK 35,000–45,000.

Example 2

Jeanette and Björn bought their dream house a few years ago with a raised garden by the shore of Storsjön. When they hire a garden architect to create a new garden, it becomes obvious that it is unclear where the property boundaries actually go. Neighbor Bertil claims that he owns part of Jeanette and Björn's garden.

Jeanette and Björn send an application for a special boundary marking to Lantmäteriet . The surveyor Natalia sees in the property register that there is no measurement data but only a written description of the boundaries. She therefore assesses that a property determination is needed - an investigation of how the boundaries go between the different properties. Natalia contacts Jeanette and Björn who then change their application to property determination

Unfortunately, we can not provide a price example of this type of procedure because the case often requires investigations, major measurement efforts, meetings, etc. the case during the proceedings. The case may be partially invoiced.

We strive to provide an upfront cost

You will find out the cost of your particular case from the administrative surveyor who handles the case. The cost depends on what you want to do with your property and what the conditions are for making those changes. Based on the conversation with the business surveyor and after a property law review of the properties that are part of your case, we strive at Lantmäteriet to be able to submit a proposal for a fixed price for your business. 

Sometimes it is not possible to leave an advance cost

Sometimes it is not possible to submit proposals at a fixed price, for example in the event of a dispute, coercion, unclear boundary conditions or unclear ownership. In these cases, we strive to have an ongoing dialogue with you about how the cost develops.

If you do not complete the case

If for some reason we can not carry out the case, or if you withdraw your application, we only charge for the administrative handling of your application, the time we have already put in and for the work of concluding your case.

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