Property investigation

Municipalities and authorities can, for a fee, order inquiries about properties, communities, rights, water and fisheries, etc. The inquiry complements the information in the property register and the register map, as these are not complete in all parts.

What is a real estate investigation?

Property investigation is an important step in establishing complete base maps and property lists in connection with detailed planning (according to 5: 8-9 PBL).

A property investigation can, for example, clarify part-owned properties in a common ground. Advantageously, the community is registered at the same time, so that it becomes searchable in the Property Register (for example Lantmätarbyn p: 1).

It can clarify different types of applicable rights that are not registered in the property register or ownership in water.

The documentation used in all property investigations are extracts from the property register. In this we find paths for how the property is created, through which form of procedure and via the Ark (Archive Search) to the applicable administrative acts.

It is important to know where the property is formed from

From which original property (main property) the property is formed from is important information, for example it can describe the right to "water and land". The administrative documents also testify to the rights that apply. In the Property Register, this is not always complete. Not least, the administrative act describes the scope of the property, both in terms of design and size.

Physical boundary marking comes first

The location of the property boundaries shall describe the actual location of the boundaries through the administrative act. The physical boundary marking thus takes precedence over the documentation.

The form Ordering an inquiry (in Swedish, pdf, new window)  is used by municipalities and government agencies that need an inquiry into rights, communities, water and fisheries etcetera.

Across the border - a movie where the index map plays a leading role

Together with Boverket, the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, Lantmäteriet has produced the educational film Across the border, which among other things shows what consequences it can have if the municipalities do not take advantage of and combine the skills that planners and surveyors have In the film, Lantmäteriet 's register map is initially used as a load-bearing map base, which creates problems.

Across the border is aimed at professionals in planning and building legislation but can be seen with retention of all who are interested in planning issues and construction.
(the film is in Swedish)

See the film Over the border, which Lantmäteriet produced together with the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning.

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