Boundary deportation

A border expulsion means that a knowledgeable person, where possible, finds out the length of the border and outlines it so that it is visible on the ground. A border deportation can also mean looking for overgrown border marks or helping to draw the line between existing border markings.

It is important to know where the boundaries go

Sometimes it is uncertain where the boundary of a property goes. Even if most boundaries have been marked once in a while, the boundary markings can disappear over the years.

It is important for you who own a property to know the property boundaries and to know where the boundary markings are, for example, when you are going to build, fell, plan forestry, use hunting rights or sell your property. A border deportation is not a surveying service.

We only carry out border deportations to municipalities and authorities

As of January 1, 2017, Lantmäteriet does not perform assignments such as border deportations for private individuals, companies and associations. We continue to offer and carry out these assignments to municipalities and state authorities. Lantmäteriet refers here to external players in the open market. Read more: Lantmäteriet ceases parts of its commissioned activities.

Special boundary marking and property determination

If boundary marks are completely or partially missing or when you do not agree with your neighbor about the boundary, you as a property owner can apply for special boundary marker or property determination . This is done through a Surveying Service.

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