Manage mortgage deeds

With us, you can, for example, apply for a new mortgage deed, convert a written mortgage deed into a data mortgage deed or kill a mortgage deed that has been lost.

What is a mortgage deed?

When you apply for a mortgage in your property, we issue a mortgage deed as proof that the mortgage has been granted. The mortgage deed can either be written or digital.

Mortgage deeds can be used as security when you take a loan. If you borrow money from a bank that is connected to Pantsystem, the bank registers themselves as holder of the digital mortgage deed. Lantmäteriet administers Pantsystem to which the banks are connected.

If a mortgage deed is to be used as security for a loan given by someone who is not connected to Pantsystem, a written mortgage deed is required.

Owner registered digital mortgage deeds

A digital mortgage deed that is not used as security for a loan is owner registered. This means that the mortgage deed is available digitally for you as the legal owner/site lessee and you can use it as security for loan.

If you have recently paid off a loan to your bank, the bank returns the digital mortgage deed to you by register it to you as the owner. Lantmäteriet administers owner registered digital mortgage deeds in Pantsystem.

When mortgage deeds have become owner registered, a notification is automatically sent to you as the legal owner/site lessee. According to law, Lantmäteriet is obliged to notify the legal owner/site lessee when something happens with digital mortgage deeds. The notification is information only.

If you have written mortgage deeds and want them to be digital instead, you can send them to us for conversion. They will then be registered to you as the legal owner/site lessee.

See mortgages on your property

In the My Property e-service, you can see which mortgages have been taken out on your property.

Excerpt from the mortgage deed register

With us you can easily order a extract from the mortgage deed register.

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