Value of land and property

We at Lantmäteriet have extensive experience of valuing agricultural and forestry properties and have also managed and developed methods for property valuation for a long time. The Property Register contains information on assessed values. The information is obtained from the Swedish Tax Agency, which is responsible for producing assessment values.

We value properties only within our own operations

We do not carry out any valuations outside of our own administrative activities. For ordering valuation assignments, we refer to external companies.

Values in different situations

Two situations can be distinguished: Valuation of entire properties, for example before property transfers, as well as compensation in the event of encroachment on forest and agricultural land in connection with building of new power lines, roads and railways.

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Appraisal value

It is the Swedish Tax Agency that has information on the assessed.

The Swedish Tax Agency's e-service to search for assessed value (new window)

Is the assessed value incorrect?

If the assessed value or other assessment information is not correct for your property, or if you have other questions about your property declaration, you should contact the Swedish Tax Agency.

Is the information about the assessed owner incorrect?

The Tax Agency automatically receives information about when the Land Survey grants legal title and then also updates its information about the assessed owner. However, only the Tax Agency's information in the Land Survey's property register is updated on October 1 each year. In practice, this means that the person who is the legal owner as of October 2nd will be listed as the assessed owner throughout the year in the property register at the Land Survey. If the information is incorrect, you need to contact the Swedish Tax Agency.

Read more about property taxation on the Tax Agency's website (new window).

Information on older assessment values

The Land Survey does not have data on older assessment values, but only data from the previous year. Here you will find information on older assessment values:

Calculate the purchase price of a property purchased before 1952

If, in connection with the property declaration, you need to calculate the purchase price of a property that was sold before 1952, you must contact the National Archives. In these cases, the acquisition cost is considered to be 150 percent of the 1952 assessed value.

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