Pledge System

Pledge system consists of a processing system and a mortgage deed register. The system simplifies the loan process and increases security, but can also be used to digitize written mortgage deeds.

About the Pledge system

Today, all major Swedish banks, credit institutions, real estate companies, insurance companies and also the Swedish Enforcement Agency are affiliated with Pledge system. Private individuals can not join the system, but as a property owner or plot right holder, you can still apply for a mortgage on the property or plot right. If you borrow money from a private individual, you can apply for a written mortgage deed which is handed over to the lender as security for the loan.

Pledge system is available around the clock.
Updates to the system, and adjacent systems, may affect operations. Updates usually take place outside office hours, between 17-07.

Useful links

Fees Pledge system from april 1 2024 (in swedish, pdf, new window).

User manual for Pledge System (in swedish, pdf, new window).

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Connection to Pledge System

In order to join the Pledge system as a customer, an agreement is required between the customer and Lantmäteriet and a consent to direct debit. It costs nothing to join, but the transactions that are made in the system are invoiced monthly.

Do you need access to the system? Contact a permission administrator within your own organization for help.

As a connected customer to the Pledge system, you take care of your own authorization administration (adding users and password management). Lantmäteriet does not provide training in Pantsystem, but refers to the user manual (in swedish, pdf, new window).

A mortgagee can never see someone else's holding of a mortgage deed in the Pledge system.

Information to Permission System Authorization Administrators

Pledge systems will, just like the old mortgage deed system, have an authorization solution based on a authorization administrator at a customer creating and administering user identities within their own organization.

Connected customers report to Kreditmarknadsservice at Lantmäteriet who will be the authorization administrator. As a permission administrator, you can only create and administer users for the organization/organizations that have notified Lantmäteriet that you are to be a permission administrator.

If you already have an account with Lantmäteriet, no new username and password will be sent to you in connection with you being registered as an Authorization Administrator. Permission for the Pant application is placed on your existing account and you use your existing login information to log in to the interface.

User manual for creating users for the Pledge system (in swedish, pdf, new window)

Secure handling of mortgage deeds

Mortgage deeds are more secure than written ones because they are stored digitally and therefore do not risk being lost. The handling of the pawns will also be much easier for connected customers if they are digital.

The information about who has a data mortgage deed in their archive is confidential, but you who are a property owner and have legal title to the property or are a plot right holder can order information about where the data mortgage deeds are located.

Order information from the mortgage deed system

If you want to order information, you are welcome to fill in our form for ordering extracts from the mortgage system, or alternatively contact our mortgage deed register by phone: 026-63 37 00 or e-mail:

Written mortgage deeds that are not mortgaged

If you have written mortgage deeds or mortgage deeds that are not mortgaged, you can convert them to computer mortgage deeds. They are then safely placed as owner-registered mortgages with us at Lantmäteriet and there is no risk that they will be lost or destroyed.

You can choose to register, and print, a mortgage deed with us.

Depositor number

Depositor number is used so that those who handle many enrollment cases can receive a collective invoice. Banks, credit institutions and other depositors who handle larger amounts of cases can be contacted at Lantmäteriet to get a deposit number.

Read more about deposit number (in swedish, pdf, new window).

Contact Us

Credit market service

Tel: 026-63 48 00

Opening hours for Kreditmarknadsservice support in Pledge system

The support is staffed on weekends Monday-Friday at 9-12 and 13-16. Deviating opening hours may occur.

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