Note transaction

The information that the Property Registration registers in the property register is not only legal records and mortgages but also other registrations, such as notes.

This is a note

A note can be something about:

  • Foreclosure and payment security
  • Sequestration and custody
  • Notification of a new deputy for the management of jointly owned agricultural properties
  • Registration of interest for tenant-owner association
  • Registration of interest for the lessee's right to acquire the leasehold
  • Executive sale or expropriation
  • Information about a dispute in court about termination, return of acquisition of real estate or land lease or about better law
  • Instructions and prohibitions in accordance with the Planning and Building Act and the Environmental Code
  • … Or other notes to be recorded in accordance with law or other statutes

Do you want to enter or delete a note in the property register?

If you want to submit a notification to register or remove an entry in the land register, do as follows:

All documentation for entering or removing a note can be submitted via e-mail to If you want to enter or delete a note, you can also use the form Entry or deletion of a note (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

It is important that you write the word "note transaction" in the subject line so that the attached documents end up us correctly.

Please note that the documents submitted must be in such a format and sent with such routines that Lantmäteriet can receive, read and preserve the documents and protect itself against computer viruses and other threats to information security. We therefore recommend that the documents attached, such as decisions or other documents, be submitted in pdf, doc or odt format.

Notes to consider when removing note

If the note concerns someone else, that person should sign the notification together with the applicant.

In order for it to be possible to delete a note, it must be obvious that it does not apply. This means that Lantmäteriet must immediately be able to see that the documents submitted show that the note has ceased or that it no longer applies.

If the notification concerns the removal of the expression of interest, the expression of interest must be revoked by the tenant-owner association that originally notified it.

If the notification concerns the removal of a note of joint residence, both cohabitants who notified the property for note must sign the notification.

A note of reservation can only be removed after a joint notification from the person who originally placed the reservation together with all those affected by the reservation. If the notification is not made in this way, reservations can only be removed if it is obvious that it no longer applies, for example because some person who is going to give their consent to a sale is no longer alive.

Questions and answers

A tenant-owner association that wants to acquire a rental property for conversion to tenant-owned apartments can register an interest.

The application must, among other things, contain certain information about the tenant-owner association and which property the application applies to. A special certificate from the association's board must also be sent.

Keep in mind that it is only possible to enter an expression of interest at a time in the property register. This means that a new expression of interest can be submitted at the earliest on the registration date when the previous expression of interest has ceased to apply.

Conversion to condominium or cooperative tenancy (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

If your rental property is for sale and you want to buy it, you need to send an expression of interest to Lantmäteriet.

This applies to agricultural leases that include housing for the lessee and housing leases. This means that the landowner may not sell the leasehold without first offering the lessee to buy it.

This home delivery obligation only applies if the tenant has made a so-called registration of interest with the Property Registration.

An expression of interest may be made by the lessee. In the case of a residential lease, it is required that there is a dwelling on the lease and that the house has a assessed value.

In addition to the application, the applicant must submit the lease agreement in original or in a certified copy to Lantmäteriet.

If the notification relates to a housing lease, a document showing that the house has been given a taxable value must also be submitted.

Registration of interest for tenants' right to acquire the tenancy (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

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