Administrative documents

All changes to a property are made through a surveying service. The result of the procedure is documented on a map and/or in documents and archived for all eternity in a dossier.

Content of the cadastral dossier

The cadastral dossier contain information that describe different kinds of changes that have taken place with real estate. Here, all the decisions made about new and remodeling of properties and leases of various rights are documented.

The dossier contain both maps and associated descriptions as well as minutes that tell how the cadastral procedure were carried out. Here you will find the complete information that complements the information in the Property Register, for example about easements and boundaries.

Products of cadastral dossier

The products ArchiveSearch and Dossier direct are services designed for you who need access to cadastral archives in your work. They give you access to the information stored in Arken- Land Survey’s digital archive, both the historical and the current one.
Read more about the services ArchiveSearch and Dossier direct.

Private use – free of charge

If you want to view historical maps and dossier, use the Historical Maps service, which shows cadastral dossier between the years 1628-1928.

If you are the owner of a property, you can see dossier from the Land Survey's digital archive that are linked to your property via My property service.

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