The property price register

The property price register contains information on sales and other transfers of properties.

Information about a transfer can be, for example, purchase price, purchase date, buyer and seller. The information in the property price register is often used as a basis for property valuation and statistics. Below you will find an overview of the contents of the register.


Information about the properties included in the transfer, e.g. property designation. There are also central point coordinates in all areas of the included properties (parcels) as well as any addresses that are connected to the properties.

Buyers and sellers

Contains, among other things, name, address and acquired / transfer share . A special examination is required for access to a social security number.


Type code, area and tax value for the tax units included in the transfer. Information is also available at valuation unit level as information on e.g. plot of land, residential building and any forest and more.

The transfer

Information about the transfer such as type (purchase, gift, inheritance), date of the transfer and any purchase price. Here is also information used in valuation, e.g. purchase price coefficient (purchase price divided by total assessment value).

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