Dwelling Units Register

The Dwelling Units Register is a national register of all Swedish dwelling units. Information on who lives in the dwelling unit is not available in the Dwelling Units Register.

The Dwelling Units Register contains basic information on all residential housing, including information on area, number of rooms and type of kitchen.

Do you have questions about the Dwelling Units Register?

  • Residents with questions about apartment numbers? Contact the property owner.
  • Property owners with questions about dwelling unit numbering? Contact the municipality in which the properties are located.
  • Property owners who need a new list of agreed dwelling units numbers? Contact the municipality in which the properties are located.

The Dwelling Units Register and apartment list are not the same thing

The national Dwelling Units Register should not be confused with the tenant-owner associations' apartment lists, which are often also called an apartment register. Read more under Dwelling Units numbers/Other designations.

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