Allocation of responsibilities

The apartment register has been established and put into use in all the country's municipalities as of 1 November 2010.

Lantmäteriet is responsible for the register

Lantmäteriet is responsible for personal data for the apartment register in accordance with the Apartment Register Act. The authority has also issued regulations on the apartment register.

Lantmäteriet has created the register by collecting information from the property owners and collecting information from the existing property register. Lantmäteriet has also in connection with the collection decided on apartment numbers, in cases where such must be available, according to the standard specified in the regulation on apartment registers and in Lantmäteriet 's regulations on apartment registers.

The municipalities update and keep the information up to date

The municipalities keep the register up to date and make changes and additions, for example when new flats are added, existing ones are changed or disappear. The municipalities also decide which new apartment numbers will apply. In addition, the municipalities decide on new addresses when needed.

The property owners inform about changes

The property owners provide information to the municipality about such changes in the apartment stock that cause changes or additions to the register. The property owners must also submit proposals to the municipality about new apartment numbers and inform the residents about the decided numbers and post them in the building.

Signage of apartment numbers

As a property owner, you are obliged to inform about and assign the apartment numbers that the municipality decides on.

Calculated from the day when you receive a notification of the number decision applies:

  1. That you inform the residents in writing about the apartment numbers within a month 
  2. That you post the apartment numbers in a clearly visible place in the building within three months.

Lantmäteriet has produced a proposal for information sheet (pdf, in Swedish) to inform residents about the numbers.

The numbers can be posted, for example, in the stairwell or on the apartment doors, as the apartment numbers will be available in the postal addresses, it can be a good solution to set them up in centrally located mailboxes, property boxes, where such exist.The most important thing is that the numbers are easy to see and that they are permanently posted.

Here you will find suggestions for signage in the stairwell, at nameplate (doc) and on special grant (doc) .

The Swedish Tax Agency is responsible for population registration in an apartment

You who live in a house and more than an apartment (apartment building) must be registered in the apartment instead of, as before, only on the property. Read more on the Swedish Tax Agency's website (new window, in Swedish) .

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