Real Property Register

The Real Property Register is Sweden’s official registry of how the land in our country is divided and who owns what.

The contents of the register

In addition, the register contains information on addresses, buildings and property tax assessment.

This information is used within various activities, including the granting of credit and the identification of correct owner during property sales.

The Real Property Register also includes the digital cadastral index map which is continuously updated.

We search the Real Property Register and enter new property information, but we receive a lot of help from others in keeping the register up to date. Municipal cadastral agencies, the Swedish Tax Agency and the country's municipalities contribute regularly to collecting and updating property-related information.

If you are a private individual and wish to know who the owner of a specific property is, you are welcome to contact us.

Here you will also find information about our work with collecting information on buildings, addresses, apartments and topography and property tax assessment.

Order extracts from the property register

Read more and order extracts from the property register.

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