Dossier direct

This service give access to some of the real property dossiers in Lantmäteriet’s archive. The documents originate from Lantmäteriet (the National Property formation authority) as well as from Municipal Property formation authorities and are available from Lantmäteriet. The product name in Swedish is Akt Direkt.

About this product

The dossiers usually contain a map with related documents and describe how the property was formed or what changes has occurred on it. The documents describe how the procedure has been implemented and what decisions have been made, as well as information about joint property units, joint facilities, easements and rights. The archives also include detailed development plans and other land regulations.

The service has a search option:

  • Retrieve a dossier containing one or more pages

Maintenance and update frequency

The documents in the dossier are drawn up by the Property formation authorities in connection with property formation. In addition to the state authority Lantmäteriet, there are 39 municipal Property formation authorities (KLM) who are responsible for property formation.

In the digital property formation procedure, the dossiers are stored in the digital archive and become immediately available in the service. However, there are still dossiers that are archived in analog form and these are scanned 1-2 times / year.

Version history

Version and date Changes compared with previous version

Dossier direct v.5

Available in Verification environment:

Available in Production environment:

  • Files are available in both DjVu and PDF format
  • Ability to see how large a PDF/DjVu is before opening it.
  • The version is not backward compatible and requires a new access point

Dossier direct v.4

Discontinued 2023-03-31

  • Ability to view dossiers in most browsers
  • Dossiers are downloaded in full before access
  • This version is not backwards compatible and requires a new access point.

Dossier direct v.3

Discontinued 2023-03-31

Technical framework and standard for direct access services

Our direct access services are primarily based on standards from the World Wide Webb Consortium (3WC) och The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC).

World Wide Webb Consortiums website (new window)
The Open Geospatial website Consortium (new window)

The service interfaces are REST based where object types are in many cases built using GML (Geography Markup Language) or JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) to describe its geographical properties.

The services are of the nature 'question-answer' where the consumer (user's system) sends a service call with search terms or selection parameters over the Internet and receives a list with one or more geographical objects in response.

To quickly get started and test the services before they are integrated into a separate system, a tool such as Postman can be used as a tool for testing REST-based Webservices.

Postman's website (new window)

Do you want deeper technical information about our geodata products you can read the product documentation.

Our geodata products with API:s require that you have an application or software capable of managing the services. To view real property information or maps directly in your browser, you can use Lantmäteriet's e-services.

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You can order Real property information directly from us or from any of our resellers. The resellers can also assist you with customization and processing of the information.

If you want information about your own real property free of charge, you are welcome to use our E-service "Min fastighet" (in swedish). Reed more about "Min fastighet".

If you want information from the Real Property Register according to the principle of public access to information, you are welcome to contact Kundcenter.

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If you want to order directly from us at Lantmäteriet you should use the Order form.

If you want to use our geodata services in your organization, first you need to sign a license for use. Send in a request via our order form.

What are you going to do with the information?

How personal data in the Real Property Register may be used is governed by the Real Property Register Act (2000:224) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Before we can give you access to personal information in the Property register, we must evaluate your purpose with the use, which means that we will ask what you want to do. The application form is available in both Swedish and English.

Forms for evaluation of purpose for extraction-, notification- and download products

Lantmäteriet also reviews all orders from a confidentiality perspective. Confidentiality applies, among other things, to information concerning total defence if it can be assumed to damage the country's defence, or is considered to constitute a danger to national security if the information is disclosed in accordance with 15 kap 2 § Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). The evaluation may therefore in some cases take from three to five working days.

Forms for evaluation of purpose for direct services*

*including Location address Download, INSPIRE and Buildning Download, INSPIRE

Order from resellers

If you need help with buying real property information or if you want a customized solution for your business, you should contact one of our geodata resellers (in Swedish).


In the API portal you, as a user of Lantmäteriet's direct access services, you can among other things, manage access keys for the services you have access to.

As a logged in user, you can view and manage the services you have access to, create access keys, create access groups, and view usage statistics.

The API portal is available for both production environment and verification environment for our direct access services. You log into the respective environment's API Portal to manage services and permissions for that environment.

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