Questions and answers about property boundaries

Here we have collected common questions and answers about property boundaries.

Questions and answers

Use the e-service My Property if it is your own property, you need e-identification to log in. Read more about the e-service My property.

Inside the service under the tab Plot map and actions, and then under the headings Actions and Separated land you will find the deeds that are registered in the property register on your property. If your property was formed before the year 1972, the reporting of property law measures may be incomplete. previous maps or the register map.

If you do not find a legally valid map in My property or if you can not log in to the service or if you do not own the property yourself, you are welcome to Contact our Customer Center.

In our My Map e-service you can see a property's approximate location and see how it is in relation to other properties. You can also search for property designation, address, coordinates or zoom in to the affected property directly in the map. Read more about the e-service My Map. Please note that the boundaries of the service are not exact and that they have no legal effect. More information about borders can be found on the page Showing borders correctly.

If you want to print current maps in different formats, you can use the map service e-printing. Get simple tips on using the Map Printing e-service.

If you need further assistance, please contact our Customer Center.

Contact your municipality for assistance.

If you are looking for a map as a basis for a planned expansion, make a permit application or similar, My map an e-service where you can save a map of your property yourself.

The boundaries shown in the service are not accurate and they have no legal effect. On the page Showing the boundaries correctly, you can read more about why the boundaries are not exact .

Contact your municipality to find out in more detail what map documentation you need for your application as the municipalities may have different requirements for a map basis for a building permit, extension, prior notice or other permit application or notification.


If you need help, you are welcome to contact our Customer Center.

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