Easement is a right for a property to use another property's road or well and more.

How does an easement work?

An easement is linked to a specific property, not to a specific person. The easement thus applies regardless of who owns the property. An easement is generally valid until further notice and has no end date.

There are two types of easement

There are two types of easement, contractual easement and official easement. A contractual easement is formed by agreement between the property owners, an official easement is formed by a decision from an authority. At Lantmäteriet it is done through a surveying service.

Contract easement

A contract easement is a so-called formal agreement . This means that the agreement must contain certain elements in order to be valid. which elements are stated in the fourteenth chapter of the Land Code (new window).

Contract easement can be entered in the property register, in this way we can ensure that the new owner of the serviced property sees that there is an easement that is charged the property. Registration takes place through a written application to fastighetsinskrivningen at Lantmäteriet. Here you will find processing fees for registration of easements and rights of use.

Ordering registration documents before 1 June 2008 takes place at The National Archives' website (new window).

Official easement

An official easement is formed, changed or revoked by a Surveying, in a so-called property regulation. An official easement can only be granted if it is of" significant importance "to the ruling property.

A decision to grant an official easement is normally based on an agreement between the property owners. In some cases, a lease can be made even if the parties do not agree. Such a lease requires that certain additional conditions are met.

Official easements are reported in the property register both as text and as a map. The real estate register is incomplete with regard to official easements created before 1972.

For community facilities, see page Communities.

Establish agreements when registering

When you apply for registration of a contract easement or a right of use, a written agreement must be drawn up between the parties.

Read more about establishing easement agreements or usufruct agreements.

Which easements affect my property?

In the e-service My Property, you can find out if there are any easements that affect your property.

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