Management rights

Electricity and water lines, optical fibers, district heating lines - society depends on a variety of lines to function.

The property owner is entitled to compensation

A common denominator for almost all actors who own pipelines is that they need to run their pipelines across someone else's land. The right to do so can be regulated in a management right.

A right of management means an infringement of the property owner's right of ownership. The property owner is therefore entitled to financial compensation. If the parties do not agree on the size of the compensation amount, we evaluate the intrusion on Lantmäteriet and decide on the size of the compensation.

This is how a management right is created

Management rights are tested through a surveying service and in this case is called management surveying.

You apply for management rights by filling in and sending in the form.

The surveying authority has a responsibility to investigate the conditions for management decisions - but despite this it is important that the parties involved themselves provide information that the authority lacks.

The right of management is created by the surveying authority making a decision. The decision can be appealed to the Land and Environment Court. A completed management right is entered in the property register where it is reported in the form of text and map.

The right of management applies for all time to come

A right of management applies for all time to come. Change or revocation of management rights takes place through a new procedure. A management right also applies to the new owner of the property and applies before the lease in the property that has been added through an agreement.

Submitted documents become public

Management rights can refer to socially important functions such as electricity and water supply and electronic communication. Therefore, keep in mind that all documents submitted to Lantmäteriet become public documents. If you believe that a task is covered by confidentiality, please contact Lantmäteriet and ask to be contacted by an administrator before submitting such a document.

Power and limitation for the landowner

A management right contains both certain powers for the owner of the lines and restrictions for the owner of the land .

The powers may, for example, be the right to erect certain facilities on the property, the right to take over the property, the right to have access to the management of maintenance and operational work, the right to cut down trees on the property, etc.

The restrictions may examples include a ban on erecting a building, planting trees, excavating or blasting near the pipeline.

In normal cases, the management right gives the right to build, maintain, maintain and renew the management.

Can be linked to property or management

The management right can, like the easement, be linked to a property. But unlike the easement, the management right can also be linked directly to the management holder (the one who holds the management right) as a legal person. Regardless of which, the management right entails a right for the management owner to use the encumbered property in a certain special way.

What does the management right include?

Management rights can only be granted for the types of management that are specifically specified in the Management Rights Act. These are mainly:

  • Wires that are part of communication networks, for example optical fiber or telecommunication wire
  • Communication masts
  • High-voltage wires
  • Water and sewage pipes
  • District heating pipes
  • Gas and oil pipes

In addition, the pipe right may include certain accessories that are necessary for the function of the pipe. These can be, for example, transformers, pump stations, wells, poles, struts and more.

Provide management rights without agreement

In most cases, the parties, the manager and the landowner agree on the terms of the lease. But management rights can under certain conditions be granted even without such an agreement. This requires that certain special provisions for the protection of the property owner and any affected right holders in the property are met.

Among other things, the benefits of the leasehold right must be greater than the inconveniences it entails. In addition, the right of management must be granted to the extent that causes the least damage.

If there is no agreement between the parties, the surveying authority convenes a meeting. At the meeting, the surveying authority reports on the matter and obtains views and information from the parties.

Questions and answers

A management decision states what the manager and the landowners have rights and obligations towards each other.

The following issues are mainly dealt with:

  • What type of management
  • What space is leased within the properties
  • Access to the area during construction, supervision and operation
  • How the land is to be restored after the work with the management
  • Other restrictions, for example, a ban on erecting a building, planting trees, excavating or blasting.

In addition, it is decided how much compensation the person who has the right to draw the line must pay to the landowners.

Benefits of management rights:

  • Can be linked to a property or a legal entity, for example an electricity company
  • Is unlimited in time
  • Reported in the Property Register
  • The registration cost disappears and the cost of documentation becomes lower
  • Not affected by changes in the property classification
  • Applies regardless of whether encumbered properties change owners
  • Gives the manager a uniform right along the entire length of the line
  • Can after trial in some cases also be leased against the will of a property owner
  • Facilitates mortgaging of the lines.

In connection with the property division being changed, the right of use or contractual easement for pipes may cease to apply. Surveillance in such cases requires major efforts from both the manager and the property owners. Management rights mean that such monitoring and costs for entering into new agreements are avoided.

Conduction rights can be granted for:

  • Telecommunication line
  • High-current line
  • Water and sewage line
  • District heating line
  • Gas pipeline
  • Broadband pipeline

In addition, pipeline rights can be granted for certain accessories to the pipeline, such as transformer, pump station, descent well, poles and struts.

It is also possible to establish line rights for devices that are part of an electronic communications network but are not lines. These can be masts, telestations or antennas, for example.

Management rights are created through a lantmäteriförrättning and in this case management rights. It is the management holder who applies for management rights. Lantmäteriet tests whether it is possible to make a decision that is in line with the wishes in the application.

Lantmäteriet handles the contacts needed to carry out the procedure, for example with property owners. Our work with the administration can often be adapted to the manager's wishes about how large his own work effort should be.

We explain more about how long it can take on the page How long does a surveying service take?.

We explain costs on the page What will it cost?.

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