What will it cost?

Surveying costs and how much the cost will be depends on how much time we need to work on the case. Here you can read more about what it costs, and get an estimate of how much you should pay. 

The surveying service involves a lot of work

A surveying service involves a lot of work so that we can secure ownership and secure who owns what, both today and in the future. It creates value for you who, for example, want to build a house, sell a piece of land, find out where the line goes or use your property as security to borrow money.

It costs between 50,000 to 100,000 SEK - sometimes more

In a normal case, the cost is often 50,000 to 100,000 SEK, sometimes significantly more. The cost includes a basic amount for all applications submitted, and in some cases an additional amount, as well as an hourly cost:

  • The basic amount is SEK 6,500. But it costs more if six or more properties are involved - then we add an additional amount. The basic and additional amount together will be 18,500.
  • One cost per hour for all our work with your application. The cost is SEK 800 or 1,600 per hour.

All administration services are VAT-free. Our costs are governed by the instructions for Lantmäteriet and by the ordinance on fees for surveying services. Read more about how we charge in Lantmäteriet 's regulation LMFS 2022:5 (pdf, new window)

All work with the application costs

We charge for all work with the application and the measures you apply for, no matter how it ends:

  • if what you apply for can be implemented
  • if what you are applying for cannot be implemented
  • if you withdraw the application.

The work we charge for starts immediately when the application is received For example, we need to check if you have the right to apply for alterations to the property and if the application contains what is needed. Even if you were to withdraw the application immediately, the cost will usually be at least SEK 6,500-18,500.

If it turns out that it is not possible to carry out what you are applying for, it is usually the person or persons who apply who will have to pay for the work we have already done.

You will be notified of the cost after an administrator has received the case

It is only after you have so-called has not submitted your application, and that our administrators have been assigned your case and begun their investigation, which you can be told if it is possible to implement your application and what it will cost. We queue and process all applications in turn.

See current queue time.

Cost examples

There are many factors that affect the cost. The cost examples should therefore not be considered binding for a similar, or similar, procedure. 

See cost examples for changing properties.

See cost examples for community facilities.

Questions and answers about costs

Lantmäteriet's work to carry out surveying services is fee-financed and is therefore not paid for with tax funds. This means that it is the property owner or owners who benefit from the surveying service who must pay. What you as a property owner pay must cover the costs that arise in the work with your application.

Fees for services are determined in accordance with the ordinance on fees for surveying services. On the Riksdag's website, you can view the ordinance in its entirety (new window)

A surveying service is, in contrast to what many people think, more than just hitting new pipes in the ground. The work mainly consists of the investigations Lantmäteriet must make according to law in order to be able to create safe properties that are sustainable over a long period of time in the future.

An investigation takes different lengths of time depending on what your application is about. The work with the investigation costs per hour. Sometimes things happen that make a procedure take longer than planned. Sometimes various obstacles can lead to a procedure being applied for not being able to be carried out. In that case, we charge for the time we have put in. An example could be that a beach protection exemption is not granted by the County Administrative Board.

Here you can read more about investigations and what other elements are included in a surveying service.

The work we charge for starts immediately when the application is received, even if what you apply for cannot be carried out or if you withdraw the application. We usually invoice in part for SEK 10,000 and always a final invoice when we have completed the application. Lantmäteriet's payment terms are 30 days net from the invoice date. All business services are VAT-free.

It is the person or persons who earn from the surveying service who must pay. Usually it is you who apply who must pay the full cost. The National Land Survey can also decide that other affected property owners, such as your neighbors, should be involved and pay.

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