Cost examples for changing properties

There are many factors that affect the final cost of your application. Here you can see some examples of costs for changing properties, and thus get an estimate of the approximate cost.

Costs may apply

The examples should not be considered binding on a similar application.

Also keep in mind that costs for additional actions may apply . For example, for property determination, when the need to clarify the property's boundaries may arise. When it comes to property determination , also compare special boundary markings below, it is difficult to estimate the cost in advance, you then need to have knowledge of the specific situation.

Divide property by a subdivision 

Subdivision, example 1

Lisa and Pär have bought an area of approximately 4,500 sqm for new construction in the countryside. Since there is a building permit for the houses, a permit for drainage and that the site has an arranged exit, no consultation with the municipality's building committee is needed. The subdivision does not concern shore protection, detailed plan or ancient monument so the surveyor does not need to consult with the county administrative board. affected. The right to an exit road via the existing road on the main property up to a public road is also secured by easement. In order for the subdivision not to be charged by the main property's mortgage deed, it is made mortgage-free.

The case will be partially invoiced and an estimated cost is approximately SEK 55,000–65,000.

Subdivision, example 2

Johanna wants to cut off a built-up area of approximately 15,000 sqm for combination purposes in connection with other buildings. The subdivision is not covered by any detailed plan. When measuring, it is noted that the property boundaries are unclear in the area, so a property determination of an older boundary is needed to be able to carry out the demarcation. The newly formed property shall have a share in a common exit road and easement for sewage system and water abstraction on the neighbor's land.

The parties involved agree on the boundary and easement issues in a written agreement. The main property, from which the subdivision takes place, is charged by old written agreements and mortgage deeds that are not to be charged to the subdivision so the subdivision is made mortgage-free.

The case will be partially invoiced and an estimated cost is approximately SEK 65,000-75,000.

Transfer land through a property regulation

Regulation, example 1 

Anna and Jan have made a written agreement with neighbor Eva to regulate an area of approximately 5,000 sqm for their property . The old boundary points are found and measured by Lantmäteriet 's measurement engineer. The new boundary line is marked and measured.

Before the survey, the surveyor has stated that the area is not affected by beach protection, detailed plan or ancient monument and that no consultation with the municipality and the county administrative board is needed. Both properties are under-mortgaged, so no consent from the mortgagee needs to be obtained from the surveyor.

The case will be partially invoiced and an estimated cost is approximately SEK 50,000–60,000.

Regulation, example 2 

Anders has bought two areas from two properties of about 3 and about 5 hectares, respectively, which he wants to settle over to their property. In the measurement, Lantmäteriet 's engineer draws attention to the fact that one of the existing boundaries is unclear. Anders writes on an application for property determination and agrees with the neighbor on how the cost of the property determination should be divided between them. With the help of older documents, the unclear boundary is delineated. The clarified and the new boundaries are marked and measured in.

Two new easements are formed to secure the exit and water source. The regulation of the two areas has the effect that the shares in two communal facilities are redistributed between the properties involved. Since one of the areas is affected by beach protection and ancient monuments, the surveyor consults with the county administrative board. For one of the properties affected, a consent from the mortgagee is required based on the loan situation.

The case will be partially invoiced and an estimated cost is approximately SEK 65,000–75,000. 

Divide a property by a division

Division, example 1

Maria and Ingrid own a property of 2.3 hectares with 2 residential buildings. They have agreed to split the property into two new and suitable properties. The surveyor states that no consultations are needed because the division does not affect beach protection, detailed plan or ancient monument and that the buildings are existing.

When measuring the new boundary needed for the new properties, the engineer states that there are no ambiguities. boundaries that need to be determined by property. Two new easements are formed to secure the common exit and the common sewer system for the splitting lots.

The case will be partially invoiced and an estimated cost is approximately SEK 65,000–75,000.

Splitting, example 2

Splitting a property where the co-owners do not agree on splitting. We can not provide a cost example of this type of procedure because the case often requires several meetings, investigations, valuations, possibly. property determination, etc.

The co-owners receive information about costs in the case during the processing. The case may be partially invoiced.

Merge properties through a merger

Merger, example

Emma and Lars each own half of two properties with a total of six plots that they want to combine into a new property. Enrollment conditions for the properties involved are simple, so there is no need for an investigation into enrollments or rights.

The case may be partially invoiced and an estimated cost is approximately 35,000– SEK 45,000.

Special boundary marking

Special boundary marking, example 1

Laila and Senad have recently inherited property from their respective parents. They both want to build on their properties, but when they walk across the plots together, they discover that two boundary markings between the properties seem to be missing. To be sure that the houses they want to build end up on the right property, they apply together for a special boundary marking.

The surveyor Lennart states that the plots were cut off in the early 1980s and that there are coordinates for everyone border points. Lennart assesses that the case can be carried out as a special boundary marking and leaves the job to the measurement engineer Maria. She meets Laila and Senad on the spot, measures in the existing six boundary points and, based on these, outlines the two missing points. The points are marked and control measured. Lennart continues the processing, makes a decision and leaves the case for invoicing.

The case will be partially invoiced and an estimated cost is approximately SEK 35,000–45,000.

Special boundary marking, example 2

Jeanette and Björn bought their dream house a few years ago with a raised garden by the shore of Storsjön. When they hire a garden architect to create a new garden, it becomes obvious that it is unclear where the property boundaries actually go. Neighbor Bertil claims that he owns part of Jeanette and Björn's garden.

Jeanette and Björn send an application for a special boundary marking to Lantmäteriet . The surveyor Natalia sees in the property register that there is no measurement data but only a written description of the boundaries. She therefore assesses that a property determination is needed - an investigation of how the boundaries go between the different properties. Natalia contacts Jeanette and Björn who then change their application to property determination

Unfortunately, we can not provide a cost example of this type of procedure because the case often requires investigations, major measurement efforts, meetings, etc. the case during the proceedings. The case may be partially invoiced.

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