A surveying service is a time-saving, cost-effective and legally secure method of dealing with this.

Information about properties

It is important to have access to correct information about which properties need to provide land for the management, and who owns them.
It is also important that in an early clarify how the management is to be owned and managed, both in the short and long term. These factors determine the most appropriate legal solution.

Access to land

There are different ways to access land. This can be done through voluntary agreements between the parties involved, so-called contractual rights. It can also be done by a decision of an authority or court, then it is called an official right. With management rights, it is therefore possible to gain access to land by force.

Apply for management rights

If you want to apply for a surveying service regarding broadband management rights, you must use the form on this page.

Comparison between right of use and management right

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