Right of use

Here you can read about usufruct and usufruct agreements.

What is the right of use?

The right of use is a right for a person to use someone else's property in a certain way. The right can apply to an entire property or part of a property and is limited in time.

The right of use is binding for a maximum of 25 years within a detailed planning area and 50 years for the rest. usufruct is created through an agreement with the property owner. How agreements are entered into and what special conditions apply to the agreement are written into the law (Seventh to Fifteenth Chapter of the Land Code).

Lease and rent

Lease and rent is a special form of a usufruct agreement. Lease agreements may be entered in the property register registration part unless otherwise stated in the agreement. There are different types of leases: agricultural leases, residential leases, construction leases and apartment leases. You apply for registration of a lease in the same way as a right of use.

How to apply for a lease and right of use

A written right of use agreement can be entered in the property register. This requires a written application to the Property Registration here at Lantmäteriet . By registering a right of use, the right holder can ensure that the right also applies to a new owner of the property. In addition, a registration can protect the usufructuary against competing leases.

Apply for registration.

We need to know if there are usufruct

When we do a surveying service, we need to know if there are usufruct rights in the properties that the service covers This is because a decision in the procedure can affect which right the person with the right of use has.

A written agreement must be drawn up

When you apply for registration of a contract easement or a right of use, a written agreement must established between the parties.

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