Order copies of documents

Documents that are archived with us, we can easily send to you. Keep in mind that registration documents, such as title deeds, mortgages, contractual easements and the like, which are registered before 1 June 2008, are with the National Archives.

Email your order to our customer center.

When you order documents from us, you need to state the municipality in which the property is located and a property designation or address, for example Gävle Torp 1: 1 or Gävle Torpavägen 1.

We also need to know the type of document you are looking for, such as title deed, mortgage deed, procedure, demarcation, easement or the like. If you know the date the document was drawn up, you can also enter it.

As part of our work to handle requested documents in a legal manner, we do not send public documents to anyone other than the legal or physical person who made the request. If you want us to send the document to a third party, we need a scanned power of attorney.

Registration documents before 1 June 2008

If you are looking for a registration document, for example legal registration, purchase price, mortgage or contractual easement and the document is registered before 1 June 2008, you must contact the National Archives.

You can order the documents via Riksarkivet's website (new window, in Swedish)

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