Manage your official correspondence digitally

With the service “Mina meddelanden” (My messages), you can receive letters from government agencies and municipalities digitally instead of via post. The correspondence is gathered in a safe digital mailbox where you can open and read it easily using your e-identification. The service is free and you can read your letters on a computer, tablet or smartphone anywhere and at any time.

Digital post direct to you

You can receive information digitally from Lantmäteriet in connection with cadastral procedures, matters of registration and cases concerning Samfällighetsföreningsregistret [joint property management association]. The information may take the form of a summons to a meeting, an injunction, notifications regarding decisions, and other types of documents. The service is under development and the hope is that you will be able to receive more messages digitally in future.

You decide how you wish to receive your official correspondence

The service is voluntary and is designed for those who wish to receive their mail in a secure, digital format rather than paper format via post. In the mailbox settings, you can select which parties are permitted to send your mail digitally. If you change you mind, you can cancel the service at any time and start receiving your post in paper format again.

Simple and secure

Unlike regular e-mail, the system is secure as you log in using means of e-identification such as bankID. We protect all sensitive information so that only authorised individuals can access and read the content. Your contact details are also protected so that not even the authorities can access them. You only need to provide and change your contact details in one place to become reachable by all authorities, who will send all official correspondence digitally.

Get your own digital mailbox

A normal e-mail address is insufficient to receive official correspondence digitally. For security reasons, a digital mailbox approved for the Mina Meddelanden service is required.

  1. Go to (opens in a new window). Read about the service and see which parties send post digitally.
  2. Click on Private in the menu and follow instructions. If you have a company, select Company, except if you are a sole proprietor; in which case, select Private.
  3. Log in with your e-identification and register your profile in the mailbox you have chosen. Approve the user terms and conditions and sign. Done!

Get your own digital mailbox today at (opens in a new window).

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