Laser data Download, forest

Laser data Download, forest contains a point cloud with classified points based on airborne laser scanning with a point density of 1-2 points per square meter. Scanning started in 2018 – ongoing. Previously, the product was called Laserdata Skog. The product name in Swedish is Laserdata Nedladdning, skog.

About this product

The product is provided as open geodata - that is, without a license fee with license terms CC0.

The points are divided into classes:

  • land
  • water
  • bridge
  • low point (noise)
  • high noise
  • unclassified, points that are not classified in any of the other classes. 

Geographical selection: Index tiles (2,5 x 2,5), polygon, county, municipality.
Delivery formats: LAZ
Coordinate systems: SWEREF 99 TM (EPSG:3006)

How often the information is updated?

Updating of what is available to download via Geotorget takes place every day. Production status under Plans and outcomes shows what is available to download via Geotorget.

Test data for LAS version 1.4

During 2024, a third laser scan will begin. The laser data provided from that scan will be delivered in LAS version 1.4. Laser data from the first and second laser scan with LAS version 1.2, is not affected.

Test data is offered to give users the opportunity to adapt any work routines to the new format.

Test data LAS version 1.4 (ftp).

Plans and outcomes

Scheduled scan

Scanning Plan 2024 (pdf, new window).

The map in the scanning plan shows which areas are planned to be scanned during the year. among other things by leaf development but above all by weather conditions.

Production status is continuously updated and reported below.

Production status

Production status is updated regularly and reported as follows:

  1. Initiated collection is reported as Scanning in progress
  2. Quality control laser scanning where any need for additional laser scanning is normal detected. Approved areas are reported as Scan completed. Unapproved areas are reported as Scanning in progress.
  3. Ongoing quality control of laser data is reported as Quality control in progress.
  4. Laser data class 1 available for download is reported as Ready to Download (Class 1)
  5. Laser Data Class 3 available for download, replaces Laser Data Class 1, reported as Ready to Download (Class 3) 

Note! If you have problems opening/viewing the pdf file correctly in your browser, we recommend that you download the file to your computer and open it in a "standalone" Acrobat Reader. Note that in the pdf file you can turn on/off stock information.

Long-term scanning plan

The long-term plan shows geographical coverage and the order in which the laser scan is planned to be carried out.

The coverage towards the mountain area is delimited by productive forest land according to National Ground Cover Data, which means that no scanning is planned to be carried out in the northwestern part of Sweden.The planning is based on the age of previous scanning, also takes into account the need to have contiguous areas for forest estimates.The possibility of scanning is weather dependent.

The scanning will be recurring and planned to be carried out according to the scheme reported in the long-term plan.The scan is estimated to take about seven years with current conditions.The planning is adjusted annually based on the outcome of previous scans and forms the basis for the annual production plan.

Order product

The product is provided as open data. Place your order in Geotorget Order.

The license and what it means

Our open spatial data is available under the open data license Creative Commons, (CC0). The license means that you may use, distribute, redo, modify and build on Lantmäteriet's open data.

This also applies in commercial contexts without any restrictions. Feel free to list Lantmäteriet as the source when you disseminate our open data, but this is not a requirement.

Terms for Creative Commons, website (new window)

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