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The perfect tool when it is important to know the correct spelling of a place name or geographical object. Place name Download, vector contains building and nature names with information about county and municipality code, object category and location coordinates for the text location on the map. The product name in Swedish is Ortnamn Nedladdning, vektor.

About this product

The place name register functions as a national place name dictionary. An equivalent to the Swedish Academy's dictionary containing place names. The register contains the definite forms and spellings of the place names.

The register is the basis for the place name report on the general maps. It is also the basis for deliveries of place name lists and place names in other products that are marketed to you as a customer. Place name Download, vector can be used to create registers for various map products, for mail and goods distribution, research, planning work in state and municipal administration and in the Rescue Service.

The information is also used in accounting contexts, for example as support in map programs linked to statistical data. An example of this could be a police authority that wants to show where in the country or county or municipality most crimes have been committed. Genealogists who, for example, want to know where the ancestors lived can also benefit greatly from the information in Place name Download, vector.

The place-name register is nationwide and today contains just over 980,000 place names with basically one name per object. For objects in multilingual areas, two or three names may appear.

You can:

  • add and link your own information to objects in the map
  • integrate the map information into your own system

Maintenance and update frequency

The place names are extended and updated daily.


For a deeper description of the content, see the product description (in Swedish, pdf, new window).

Place names have a connection to the parish and city in the form of code and name. More about the information of parishes and cities can be found here, Parish and City Download, vector.

Demo data

To be able to test the data you must have access to an appropriate application, for example ArcGIS or QGIS.

On the page Demo datasets there are two areas. One city area in Gothenburg, called Majorna and one forest environment area alongside a stream called Emån.

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