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The parish and city show Sweden's division into parishes and cities. The information is stored as areas with code, name and main area as attributes. This geographical division is nationwide and consists of just over 2350 parishes and just over 130 cities. The product name in Swedish is Socken och stad Nedladdning, vektor.

About this product

Parish and city is a nationwide geographical division based on the land register parishes that were relevant in connection with the transition to a new property register 1976–1995 and the city register areas that were cities with city privileges in connection with the municipal reform in 1971.

Geographical selection: Sweden
Delivery formats: GeoPackage
Coordinate systems: SWEREF 99 TM (EPSG:3006)

Maintenance and update frequency

The last update was made on October 13, 2021.
It is a static division that applies until otherwise decided.

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