Scanned analogue aerial photographs

The product contains aerial photographs, mainly in black-and-white, from the late 1920’s up to 2006. The product name in Swedish is Flygbilder skannade Nedladdning.

About this product

The product contains aerial photographs mainly in b/w, but many are also available in colour and IR. If the photographs are not already available in digital form, they are scanned upon order. There are also orientation data for many of the aerial photographs and we can on order produce orientation data for photographs that don’t have it.  Aerial photographs cover the entire country and a large proportion of them have a resolution of approximately 0,5 m, but there are also photographs with other resolutions.

Important to know

Consider the following before ordering the product:

  • To use this product, you need to pay a fee and sign a license agreement with terms for usage.
  • This product provides access to information that you order, download and store yourself.

Maintenance and update frequency

Updating of new aerial photographs in the product is carried out as they are produced. Digitalization of the aerial photograph archive is continuously ongoing. The analogue photographs are scanned to preserve an historical layer. In GeoLex (new window) you will find information about the scanned analogue aerial photographs that are available.

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