Scanned analogue aerial photographs

Our analogue image archive contains about 1,2 million aerial photography negatives from the late 1920s until 2006. The product name in Swedish is Skannade analoga flygbilder. The product name in Swedish is Flygbilder skannade Nedladdning.

Brief information

Digitalization of the aerial photograph archive is ongoing. From some of these aerial photographs we have produced Historical orthophotos which are provided as open data.

Aerial photographs are available in b/w, many are also available in colour and IR. A large proportion of the images have a resolution of ~0,5 m and cover the entire country, but there are also images with other resolutions.

There are also orientation data for many of the aerial photographs and we can on order produce orientation data for images that don’t have it. Together with orientation data these aerial photographs can be used for interpreting and measuring in 3D.

By comparing aerial photographs from past and present, you can see areas where major changes have taken place, but also areas where only minor changes have occurred.

Stockholms slott 2009
Stockholms slott 1959

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One picture shows the Royal Palace Stockholm in 2009 and the other shows the same area in 1959.

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Copyright and publication

In some cases you need permit to distribute geographic information. Read more on the page Copyright and publication of Lantmäteriet's geographical information.


For more detailed information of the content, see the product description in English or Swedish:

Delivery information and metadata

Scanned analogue aerial photographs from all years can be ordered with optional requirements regarding image cropping. If the photographs are not already available digitally, they will be scanned after ordering.

There are also orientation data for many of the aerial photographs and we can on order produce orientation data for images that don’t have it.

Delivery format

Scanned analogue aerial photographs are delivered digitally in uncompressed TIFF-format.

PatB (.ori-file) and project file for Match-AT (.prj-file). You can instead of these files also obtain refined orientation data for the ESPA-system or for the Summit-project, or ready-to-use model files for these.

Files in the delivery/Image identity

The file name, i.e. the identity of the image, normally contains information about year of photography, flight line number and image number. Example of image identity: Y_58_203_06. Images from further back in time might have somewhat different image identities.

The orientation file (ori-file) contains image number, camera position and camera orientation (rotation matrix).

The project file for Match-AT (.prj-file) also contains, apart from orientation, camera settings and inner orientation for the images.


All aerial photographs can on request be delivered with information about camera, time of photography, flight line- and image number.

Flight line index

Overview maps showing location and index for the flight lines, including exposure points for the individual photographs, can be found on this page Flight line index (Swedish text).

Camera calibration

A list of all calibration protocols for the cameras and lenses used in Lantmäteriet’s aerial photography operations can be found on this page: Camera calibration (swedish text)

Demo service

This comparison service contains 6 different examples of views that show changes within three themes - which you choose in the menu shown on top of the picture.Options in demo service

All examples are part of the same service, you only need to open the service once, but there are also direct links to each section under the headings below.

In the demo service you can pan, zoom and drag the images from one edge to the other.
Watch a movie, with Swedish speech, describing how to use the service (new window).

Urban areas – Stockholm, Gothenburg and Skåne


Look at the changes over time in an urban/large city environment. The demo material is compiled from the following:

Stockholm - Scale correct aerial photographs (orthophotos) from 1958 (b/w) and 2011 (colour).

Göteborg - Scale correct aerial photographs (orthophotos) from 1960 (b/w) and 2012 (colour).

Skåne (region of Malmö) - Scale correct aerial photographs (orthophotos) from 1960 and 1973 (b/w) and 2012 (colour).

Ski resorts – Sälen and Åre


Much has changed in Sweden's most popular ski resorts since the mid 1900’s. The material you are looking at is compiled by:

Sälen - Scale correct aerial photographs (orthophotos) from 1956 (b/w) and 2011 (color) and the Mountain map.

Åre - Scale correct aerial photographs (orthophotos) of 1965 (b/w) and 2013 (color) and the Topographic map

Forest fire near Sala in Västmanland


This is what the forest looked like before and after the big fire in Västmanland in the summer of 2014. The material you are looking at is compiled by:

Fire area - Scale correct aerial photographs (orthophotos) from 1960 and from August 2014, just before and after the fire (in color and infrared), hillshade and slope images from the national elevation model and the Topographic map.

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