How do I become a reseller?

Does your company want to produce and sell its own products that contain geodata (map, image and property information) from Lantmäteriet?

Sign an agreement on commercial processing

By signing an agreement on commercial processing, where you approve our general terms and conditions, you can become one of our resellers. Contact for more information.

Two ways to sign a contract

There are two ways to sign commercial processing agreements: You can either sign an agreement directly with Lantmäteriet or sign a second-line agreement with one of our existing resellers.

Questions and answers

By signing an agreement on commercial processing, where you accept our general terms and conditions, you can become one of our resellers. Contact for more information.

As a reseller, you are expected to:

  • have basic knowledge of our geodata products
  • have a basic knowledge of the laws governing the supply
  • be responsible for compliance with laws
  • provide the customer with information about conditions that apply to the use of spatial data.

As a reseller, you get the opportunity to:

  • distribute Lantmäteriet's geodata products
  • produce and supply own products that contain Lantmäteriet's geodata products
  • develop applications, systems and the like where Lantmäteriet's geodata can be included
  • use Lantmäteriet's geodata products for testing and demonstration of the in-house developed product.

You can sign an agreement on commercial processing in the second stage with one of our existing resellers who have a Partner Agreement with Lantmäteriet. You will then have the opportunity to produce and provide your own products that contain the survey's geodata products.

Our resellers can help you with adaptations, processing and packaging of geodata products that Lantmäteriet does not offer. Here you will find a list of existing resellers in different product areas.

If you and your company want a closer relationship with us at Lantmäteriet, you can choose to sign a partnership agreement. Contact for more information.

As a partner you get:

  • extra support via a designated person with us at Lantmäteriet
  • presentation of your company on our website
  • opportunity to participate in special information meetings about our geodata
  • possibility to sign use licenses with retailers in a second stage for their production or display of by-products
  • participation in the development of spatial data products.

As a partner, you are expected to:

  • actively support Lantmäteriet in increasing and broadening the use of geodata in society
  • participate in the National Land Survey's educations
  • ensure that second - level retailers receive the necessary information on conditions regarding the use and provision of spatial data
  • ensure that the necessary conditions are included in the agreement with the customer
  • submit an annual revenue forecast for Lantmäteriet's geodata products.

You are welcome to contact us by e-mail or telephone for help in signing the breeder agreement required to become a reseller.

When you contact us, we want you to describe the following:

  • The company and its operations
  • Business/product idea
  • Which geodata products you are interested in
  • How and in what way our geodata products will be disseminated
  • How the end user gets access to our geodata products.

Phone: 0771-63 63 63, weekdays 9-16 or e-mail:

We provide basic support that involves information about content, quality, access methods and fees regarding our geodata products.

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