Topography 50 Download, vector

The product is suitable as a background map and as input data to GIS-applications. It’s suitable to use in the scale range 1:15 000 - 1:50 000. The content contains, among other things, types of land, roads, walking paths, barriers and contour lines (10 m vertical interval in the mountain area and 5 m vertical interval in other parts of the country). The product name in Swedish is Topografi 50 Nedladdning, vektor.

About this product

The product is based on Lantmäteriets basic geographical databases where the information has been collected with different quality regarding positional uncertainty, content and timeliness.

It contains buildings, facilities, land types, hydrography, roads from the Swedish Transport Administration and Lantmäteriet’s reviewed and established place names retrieved from the Place-names Register etc.

The vector format provides the opportunity to customize the map to your own business.

You can:

  • add and link your own information to objects in the map
  • integrate the map information into your own system
  • show or hide information using the layering

Geographical selection: County, Sweden
Delivery formats: GeoPackage
Coordinate systems: SWEREF 99 TM (EPSG:3006), SWEREF 99 local zones (EPSG:3007-3018).

Maintenance and update frequency

The content of Topography 50 Download, vector is produced by automatic generalization of the basic data set included in Topography 10 Download, vector. Topography 50 Download, vector is updated once a week for the index boxes affected by changes.


For a deeper description of the content, see the product description (pdf, new window).

For Lantmäteriet´s proposed layout the following files in Swedish can be used:

The following file in Swedish in Excel format can be used to get help with the translation from the GSD-Topographic Map, vector format to Topography 50 Download, vector.

Information about mountain safety, Allemansrätten, GPS, Sami place names, etc.. (pdf, in Swedish, new window)

The information layers contain:

  • Administrative boundaries.
  • Facilities and airports.
  • Buildings and building facilities.
  • Mountain information including trails, bridges, shelters etcetera, and covers the mountain area from Sälen in the south to Treriksröset in the north.
  • Hydrographic facilities and watercourses.
  • Contour lines (10 m vertical interval in the mountain area and 5 m vertical interval in other parts of the country).
  • Communication information, such as roads, railways and hiking trails.
  • Power lines.
  • Cultural historical monuments.
  • Land surfaces.
  • Military areas.
  • Arctic Circle.
  • Place names that are included in the Place-Names Register.
  • Restricted areas in the mountains and protected nature.

Order product

The product is provided as open data. Place your order in Geotorget Order.

The license and what it means

Our open spatial data is available under the open data license Creative Commons, (CC0). The license means that you may use, distribute, redo, modify and build on Lantmäteriet's open data.

This also applies in commercial contexts without any restrictions. Feel free to list Lantmäteriet as the source when you disseminate our open data, but this is not a requirement.

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