Here you will find information about fees for the geodata products that processors have the right to provide.

Read more about the fees in Fees and delivery information for geodata (pdf in Swedish, new window)

If you want to know fees for all geodata products, they are available to find on the website about Lantmäteriets constitution - LMFS.
Under the heading Current regulations, you will find current LMFS with fees for basic geographical information and property information, including geodetic information and mortgage deed information.

Calculate fees for raster data transactions in display service (xls, in Swedish) using this 'calculation spin'. Link to same file is available also in the document Charges and delivery information for spatial data , above, under the heading Transaction-based charges for raster data in display service.

Discount stairs for Property withdrawals and Property price withdrawals (xls, in Swedish) . In the Price Calculator, the 'stairs' are built-in for the product Property withdrawals. and year can be found here on the page Statistics. Select Appendix - Living objects sorted by municipality.

Statistics Property price (xlsx, in Swedish) - Statistics for fee calculation Property price notification and Property price collection. The number of transfers in the statistics file is an average for the years 2020 - 2022.

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